[Real Diary] Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

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짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

For the past 23 years I have lived with a protruding jaw, had difficulty when chewing food, awkward pronunciation, and an ‘older than my age’ appearance due to a long face. I am both worried and nervous about having surgery to correct these problems! It is especially difficult to tell if I am a man/woman just by looking at my eyes. They are so ugly! I am ready to be born again.

With an anxious heart I am sitting down and writing this diary before my surgery. I remember just going in for a consultation and tomorrow is already the day of my surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group… Yikes! I can’t believe this is going to happen. To be honest, I am still quite worried ?

Will it hurt a lot??What happens if I don’t wake up??Worries about side effects…what I will eat, work, etc my head is full of worries and about to burst…I believe that there will be no accidents and my surgery will be great!

Looking at myself currently…really makes me dislike myself. I want to quickly be prettier and healthier born again! I believe this will be the starting point of my second life! Fighting!!!

I fell asleep literally a few seconds after lying on the operating table. Even with my mother beside me trying to wake me up I slept like a baby hehe. Right after surgery I had a little difficulty breathing. I’m sure everyone would feel the same way after undergoing surgery.

Because I also had double eyelid surgery I think I felt more pain than normal. My mother was surprised at how much pain I was in, but actually it wasn’t that bad. Since my mother was worried, it got me a bit worried too…I felt discomfort here and there and the day flew by.

It hurts and it’s uncomfortable but if I can become prettier than I must endure! I can do it!

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

My mother is going through so much trouble because of me. I keep dozing off to sleep and my mother stays by my side and urges me to eat regularly. I feel so bad to cause my mother all this trouble and worry. ? As soon as I get discharged from the hospital my mother promises to make many delicious meals for me I wonder if I will be able to chew and enjoy them properly…

I want to hurry and get better to eat my mother’s delicious meals! Mom please wait a bit, I will become a pretty and strong daughter soon!

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

People say they become unrecognizably beautiful but I feel like a swollen ball! However, I am so so so amazed at my no longer protruding jaw!

No pain no gain! I am having difficulty eating and speaking though. 

Starting today my swelling seems to be reducing quickly. I catch myself staring in the mirror often. Is this what they call a narcissist?

I want my swelling to go away quickly so I can see my new slender face!!

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

It’s already been a week. I am almost done with my medication and taking walks here and there is helping the time pass fast.

I am regularly taking walks and eating pumpkin porridge but why does it seem like my swelling does not change. I want to hurry and see myself with no swollen areas. Every day I am just looking in the mirror but it appears the mirror can’t take my swelling go away. (Oh well hah)

Because I underwent two jaw surgery, I only concentrated on my jaw area and didn’t get a chance to check out my eyes.

I checked them out today and wow they appear quite natural! To give my eyes more exposure I have decided to take more walks keke.

My mind is calm and I can move however I like at home. I love it! Unfortunately, staying at home and being with my family during meals is difficult…smelling all the good food brings tears to my eyes.
I want 3 months to go by quickly so I can enjoy eating with my family. Enjoying grilled meat and whatever else I want to eat would be great!!
For my next update, a slimmer face!

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

I recently took a visit to the clinic and learned mouth opening exercises. Beginning with ‘ah, oh, smile’ I practiced every day opening my mouth as wide as the width of one finger! I feel confident that after a little more practice I will be able to fit 2-3 fingers.

I also learned how to wear the rubber bands. I don’t have to worry about it now, but after stitch removal I will be in charge of wearing and taking off the rubber bands myself. I’m going to visit the clinic in a few days to get my stitches removed and I hope to eat porridge and ramen as much as I want.

Nevertheless, watching my face become smaller as the swelling subsides makes me jump for joy. It’s true I am living life through the mirror these days hahahahah. My friends look at my picture and ask where my jaw has gone and they say I don’t look like me this is a compliment, right? They want to hurry up and see me.

These days I am considering getting a consultation about my deviated septum. A woman’s ambition has no limits!!!!

The next time I update my diary I hope the swelling below my chin disappears!! 

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

Maybe it’s because I went back to work but it’s already been a month since I had surgery.

That first day back at work I expected a warm reaction. I entered the office and nobody acknowledged me…because nobody could recognize me~ I’m Eunjoo~I said and then everyone recognized me and was amazed. I must have really changed a lot. Because of checking myself out daily in the mirror I was already used to my new look. Everyone’s compliments about how pretty (and unrecognizable) I became made me so happy.

These days I can open my mouth wide. Being able to eat ramen and rice makes me so warm inside. >< I want to hurry and get my wafer removed and finish my teeth alignment to appear more natural!!

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

Time has gone by fast. I have removed my rubber bands and next week I will get my wafer removed! These days I’ve become younger.

My face has become smaller! Prettier! I hear these words a lot lately. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine ever hearing these words. Became younger? Face is smaller? I could not have imagined these things even in my dreams. It really is no pain, no gain..

I’m still concerned about the small, swollen areas beneath my chin but people always tell me ‘time is medicine. As time passes, the swelling will subside so I shouldn’t worry about it.’ Therefore, although I am concerned.. I hope those small, swollen areas will go away quickly!

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

It’s been 3 months after surgery. I asked people who underwent two jaw surgery around the same time as me and they told me they could eat grilled meat. Hearing this, I started to eat grilled meat one tiny piece at a time. I actually really like eating grilled meat but because of any possible paincomplications I kept avoiding eating it. I cut up chicken and pork into little pieces and ate like any normal person would.

Chewing is a little awkward right now, but being able to eat the foods I wasn’t able to eat before.. I think I went a little overboard. I felt like a pig!!

The big swollen areas have subsided and only slight swelling remains. Actually…I miss the days when my cheeks were swollen, now my cheeks appear lonely.

After surgery, many people could not recognize me. Even as I would walk past them, they would not recognize me by my face but only when I spoke would they know it was me. I don’t know if this is something to be glad about T.T Everyone is jealous of me…but I did not have surgery just to be pretty! But I would be lying if I said that I did not consider the ‘beauty’ in addition to the ‘functional’ aspects of surgery.

I have gained much confidence, I can chew foods better, and I am healthier! These are the ideal results that I were hoping for…
When my teeth alignment is complete I’m sure my pronunciation will be perfect.
Month by month as I write this diary I am amazed by my changing appearance! 

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

Another month has passed. I keep mentioning this but time is going by fast! I went to Busan for a friend’s wedding. I visited Haeundae beach, explored Jagalchi market, and felt the sea breeze. It was really relaxing. This was my first time going someplace far after my surgery.

Maybe that’s why I was a little more anxious than usual. I got to eat grilled meat and grilled oysters. There is nothing that I can’t eat now ~ as long as I have scissors with me, I can cut it into pieces!

Compared to weeks and weeks going by, I feel like I am in heaven hehehe. I remember thinking 1-2 weeks after surgery, why did I go through this, I should have just stayed the way I was! I used to think that way but now 4 months later, I am so glad I went through surgery! To be honest, I was afraid of side effects. However, I believe that my appearance now is all thanks to the well experienced surgeon who operated on me.

I would like to take time in my posting to express gratitude to my surgeon ^^! I maystill be young but actually I wanted to get a car before getting surgery. I’m glad I got surgery first! Instead of suffering with my condition for another year, getting surgery now would improve my quality of life in the long run. This was the biggest decision of my life. The risk was high but the result was well worth it. 

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

5 months have passed. I can now chew everything except for very hard foods. However, I still feel a slight twinge when I chew with the left side of my lower jaw. I am sure time will heal this also. My swelling has almost completely disappeared, but below my jaw it seems swollen.

I don’t know if this is due to gaining weight because of remaining swelling. I can now eat tough foods like chicken feet. When eating squid, I can eat soft seasoned squid. I tend to avoid eating chewy and hard foods but I think I will start to eat them to speed up my recovery!

These days I am using an air floss device in addition to tooth brushing. It really seems to clean plaque between the teeth but I’m not sure what the nurses will think about it. I feel I am trying my best to keep my teeth and mouth cleaned. I hope it turns out well. I wish 1 year has passed already so I can get my braces off!!

짱이뻐! - Welcome Ideal Face Thanks to Korea Face Contouring

I can eat anything I want now including big pieces of meat. I eat about the same as I did before having surgery. After two jaw surgery I lost a lot of weight and attained my ideal weight, but these days I have been eating whatever I want and gained it all back.

It’s time for weight control again. I usually don’t go on diets, but after experiencing my ideal weight, I have gained the desire to diet!

I should cut back on what I eat…

Name: Endhorpin
Surgery: Face Contour, Eye Plastic Surgery


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