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Q: Can my body be corrected without surgery?
A: Sure! Many people assume that a major surgery is necessary in order to correct unbalanced body. Well, surgery has certain results for sure but you might have scars and longer recovery time with surgery. 

짱이뻐! - Korean Body Contouring - Q&A짱이뻐! - Korean Body Contouring - Q&A

Belody laser treatment is one of Wonjin Plastic Surgery laser treatment which is getting popular day by day. It doesn't need incision and has the effect of lifting!

짱이뻐! - Korean Body Contouring - Q&A짱이뻐! - Korean Body Contouring - Q&A

Unlike the previous laser treatments, a procedure called High Frequency Hip Up is inserting a 2mm custom made needle-like pipe beneath the skin to stimulate the dermis with an optical fiber so even with one treatment, you can immediately see and feel the result.

Q: Isn't liposuction better than laser? 
A: It's just like asking 'isn't two face contouring better than botox?' so of course the answer is yes, because both face contouring and liposuction has permanent result while botox, filler, and these laser treatments only have semi-permanent results. BUT! One thing you have to know about liposuction and belody. Liposuction and belody are two different procedures. Liposuction gets rid fat but belody increases the elasticity and v, so that the body looks balanced.

짱이뻐! - Korean Body Contouring - Q&A

Q: Then how about Mesotherapy? Is it Dangerous?
A: Previous mesotherapy used amino peeling and isotonic sodium chloride injections but this treatment is safe and has reduced the side effects compared to the previous one.  If the previous one would be used on vein and fat would be melted with breathing difficulty, spasm, and nerve damage as side effect, Wonjin Plastic Surgery mesotherapy only uses approved medication and a small amount is injected to the dermis to regenerate the skin, and reducing all the side effects.

짱이뻐! - Korean Body Contouring - Q&A

Belody is recommended for those who:
- Have sagging arms and stomach
- Have less volume on breast and butt
- Have fat on various area and stretch marks
- Wish to remove fat on thighs
- Wish to correct the entire body

Tenor High Frequency is recommended for those who:
- Have lost elasticity for every parts of body
- Wish to correct thighs and calves
- Wish to remove fat on various area and need cellulite removal
- Have wrinkly hands from aging
- Have a drooping stomach from child birth

Mesotherapy is recommended for those who:
- Have many small amounts of fat and wish to receive partial obesity treatment
- Wish to improve wrinkles and skin drooping due to aging
- Wish to improve fat without treatment
- Wish to improve elasticity and discoloration
- Wish to improve scars and stretch marks

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