[Real Diary] Korean Woman Boobs Job Review (Short Version)

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짱이뻐! - Korean Woman Boobs Job Review Part 1

It's D-Day soon...

As a woman in South Korea, it's been stressful that my breast size is A cup.. every woman will understand..
You guys understand right? It's not only me right? .............................

Because it doesn't have volume, people like me couldn't even dream of wearing bikini or something like that.
I really want to be voluminous.. in other word.. hmm.. being sexy sometimes, but because of my breast, I always give up.

At time like this I realize that woman has to have breast at some point.. ㅠ
If I do boobs job I will only wear thigh clothes everywhere I go!!!

짱이뻐! - Korean Woman Boobs Job Review Part 1

It's 3rd day after my boobs job...

I don't remember how I spent these 3 days..

It hurts since the day of the surgery until now..
But.. bit by bit, it's getting better I guess, though I still couldn't lay down and wake up alone by myself..
If I cough even once, it'll be a chaos..
My waist also hurts if I sat straight but it feels better if I lay down~
I'm hanging up while taking painkiller..
And of course I still can't remove the bandage.. but I'm amazed that my breast is getting bigger! Kkkk

짱이뻐! - Korean Woman Boobs Job Review Part 1

Finally the 7th nights has passed!
I got injected on my breast today at the hospital~

Finally I got to see my breast... and when I see it.. woah! I'm really amazed! +ㅁ+
It still hurts when my breast was touched though ㅠㅠ

Well, after got injection, I changed from shaping underwear into a sport bra, and the stitch on my armpit has been removed~
What to say.. it's just that I changed into sport bra but it feels so good..
It's been hard and annoying, also hurts so much these past week.. it's been like I got reward for all of those things today~

It looks like I can move naturally now, but it hurts that the swelling hasn't been reduced~
Well, it's been only a week right~~ haha

My armpit is not hurting anymore, and it's not itchy~
Just I hope it'll get its shape soon!
My breast.. I'm happy even by only looking at it haha
I know it's my breast but.. it's so pretty? kkkk

짱이뻐! - Korean Woman Boobs Job Review Part 1

It's been 2 weeks now!!

The pain is getting really better now compared to the first time after the boobs job!
My nipples are a bit sore (?) and sometimes I'm surprised because of the feeling hahaha

It still hurts a bit while laying down and waking up but if I said that my waist was hurt and uncomfortable, it's okay now even if I went out to the cafe for a long time!
Seems like I recovered sooner than I thought haha

My armpit is not hurting anymore!
I just hoping that the pain on my breast is gone soon ㅠㅠ
At first it hurts when my breast was touched but now it doesn't hurt even when I touch it, so I guess I'm getting better now!


30 days after my boobs job!

My left breast is softer compared to my right one~ haha
Well, it's a bit hard but it's really better than the first time!
The sense of my nipples are also getting back!
I want to be free from this sport bra~ ㅠㅠ
I want to go around with my breast gathered kkkk

The weather is also getting better so I guess I can start to wear clothes confidently~
I can't help but smiling while thinking of that! Kkk

And! Finally I did what I wanted to do, checking my size!!
I went to the underwear store and check my size, it's 70D~~~~!!!!!
Kyaaaaaa!!! >_< Woah!!!! It's amazing!!!!!
Doctors, thank you so much!! *bow*

I don't know if it's because my breast getting bigger but I feel like my body is getting better!
That feels when you don't feel any pain but the fact it still hurts?! Hahaha
Aaah! I'm so happy!!!

Name: Breast First
Age: 23
Surgery: Breast Surgery

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