[Real Diary] How It Feels Like To Be C-Cup Girl

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짱이뻐! - How It Feels Like To Be C-Cup Girl

It was really stressful that I had small breast.
If I want to wear tight clothes, I had to wear pad bra.
When I bought underwear, I had to choose bra with pad instead of choosing the design.
What a sad fact.
I always thought about doing breast surgery but since it's a big surgery...
But after seeing a friend did it, I thought that I could do it as well!
I envy the beautiful shape kkk

Now, that friend doesn't need air-cap bra anymore and she gave it to me kkkkk
Do you know that feeling kkkk
Then I looked for some reviews, there are some people who were suffering (from the pain), but some were okay, it's really different.
Well, I guess not only breast surgery but any surgery would be like that.
I decided to do it as well, thinking that I'll be okay!
Ah, I could imagine wearing bikini already kkk

Finally, it's tomorrow! 
I'm nervous and anticipating it at the same time! ^.^

짱이뻐! - How It Feels Like To Be C-Cup Girl

I slept and when I woke up, the surgery is finished already.
It was uncomfortable to move but it didn't hurt.
Maybe it's because of the painkiller.

After 3 days I went to the hospital again to remove the blood bag and got disinfectant~
I was really really scared! However I feel amazed that I 'get' breast hahaha

짱이뻐! - How It Feels Like To Be C-Cup Girl

But, they said that I really have to be careful from now on.
The blood should not be filled so I was told not to put my hands up.
Since I'm really scared, I will do whatever I'm told ^.^

짱이뻐! - How It Feels Like To Be C-Cup Girl

The stitch has been removed and the bandage has changed into the thinner one.
For a moment I guess I can be comfortable with no bra but covering the nipple only.
But when I sleep, I was told to do that bandage so it won't move.

Since it's a week already, the pain is reducing a lot and it was the way more comfortable while moving ^^
Now if I look closely to my breast, seems like it's not swelling~
And I'm really satisfied that the shape is really natural.

짱이뻐! - How It Feels Like To Be C-Cup Girl

I went to the hospital for check-up~!!
They gave me compensation underwear~
They said it is used to make the shape fixed beautifully ^^
It can be seen that one is getting down than the other so they gave me zig-zag underwear~

짱이뻐! - How It Feels Like To Be C-Cup Girl

When I saw it at home, the shape is good already~
The pain is also reducing and getting better now~
It was a bit uncomfortable after waking up but it's not like that anymore ^^
Seems like time flies~

짱이뻐! - How It Feels Like To Be C-Cup Girl

I always wear the underwear they gave me~
They really checking the shape in detail ^^
I also eat the medicine well and now I can move my arm, it feels more comfortable~~

짱이뻐! - How It Feels Like To Be C-Cup Girl

I got massaged 2 times and it was really smooth and nice.
I want to get it again ^^
I hope the shape is getting better as I wear the compensation underwear~

Name: C-Cup Girl
Age: 28
Surgery: Breast Surgery

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