[Real Diary] My Wonderful Two Jaw Surgery Experiences

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짱이뻐! - My Wonderful Two Jaw Surgery Experiences

짱이뻐! - My Wonderful Two Jaw Surgery Experiences

It’s the day before the two jaw surgery at the best two jaw surgery clinic~! For a surgery I have waiting for about 3 months, today is a very happy day.
I kept waiting and waiting and finally today is the day. I still can’t believe..wow I’m really getting two jaw surgery..
I am more anxious about my appearance than my worries about surgery~ How will I change. How will I change~~

짱이뻐! - My Wonderful Two Jaw Surgery Experiences

It’s my 2nd day after my two jaw surgery… The day of my surgery was hectic and I was busy recovering… 
This is my first time getting surgery, I still can’t believe it really happened… 
I feel much better than yesterday.. As you can see I can write my diary now.
The hardest things on the first day were difficulty breathing and opening my mouth.
I felt swelling in my face, but the difficulty breathing was the most uncomfortable. 

The first day I had to breathe through my mouth~
Things were pretty tough but..my family, friends, coworkers, and my boyfriend visited me and sent me cheerful text messages to give me strength ^^!
It seems my surgery was a bigger deal than I imagined. As I came out of the surgery room, the people who came to see me all let out a deep sigh. They were speechless upon seeing my appearance.
Silence..I’m sure they were surprised..my protruding mouth had disappeared and replaced with a face like Shrek ㅎㅎ
However, the fact that I was alive and well after surgery made them full of relief and brought tears to their eyes… 
“You’re going to look prettier~ Your eyes look bigger Your face looks smaller~ Cute~” 
I was so thankful for their kind words. 
Yeah, I am going to endure this week with the belief that my swelling will gradually reduce, and my face will get smaller.  I will soon return to my warm, sweet home… Fighting !!!

짱이뻐! - My Wonderful Two Jaw Surgery Experiences

짱이뻐! - My Wonderful Two Jaw Surgery Experiences

Hello!! Today is the 7th day after my surgery.
I’ve changed a lot!!
It hurt so much right after surgery, but day by day I can feel myself getting better and better… 
I think I am getting used to it -0-

For my first trip out, I bought a hat with scarf attached and wrapped it around myself… 
I didn’t want to show anyone my swollen face, but walking around in winter fashion got everyone’s attention as well. 
These days, I only wear a scarf…

To be honest, this week was quite tough because I couldn’t move my jaws how I wanted to. 
It took me almost 1 hour to drink soup from a cup….-_-
I feel like I’m back to being a baby!!!
I am getting ready to sleep but I’m getting hungry again, I had some chocolate milk and my mom made me soup with no pieces in it! So~ delicious! 
I may not be able to eat ricemeat, but I felt full and went to sleep. 
I lost 4 kilograms in one week. I have become determined to lose more weight!

My gums hurt after surgery because of the incision inside my mouth..
I felt the most discomfort while eating, even more than not being able to eat certain foods.. 
The saying there’s nothing in life that’s free I believe it every day.
If I want to get prettier, I have to overcome these things! I want to lose 10 more kilos… but I keep eating!!

After two jaw surgery, I needed to get my mouth fixated for one month and I had difficulty speaking. At first all I could say was ‘um um um uh~~’ after 6 days later, people could slightly understand what I was saying~ 
Much of the discomfort has subsided. Since it’s only been a week I am sure I will improve!! 
Please cheer me on so I can get prettier prettier~♥

짱이뻐! - My Wonderful Two Jaw Surgery Experiences

짱이뻐! - My Wonderful Two Jaw Surgery Experiences

It’s already been 2 weeks after the two jaw surgery…
At first my friends asked me if it hurt or not. Now they are asking how my appearance has changed. 
The fact is, I haven’t shown anyone my new appearance (except for my boyfriend) 
Around 10 days after surgery, I started applying light makeup. The makeup appears a little uneven, but I don’t mind. 

The nurses tell me my recovery is going faster than average. On my second treatment visit, I could open my mouth well and my healing was going at a good pace. I felt like my surgery had gone really well. 
After treatment was finished I learned mouth opening exercises. They were called “Ah~~~Oh~~~Smile~~~” in which I would practice opening my mouth and pronouncing the sounds 3 times a day. 
Now I can even make raspberry sounds~~

Spending my days at home was getting boring and so I took trips outside. I still can’t chew rice and so I would go to nearby soup restaurants, drink fish cake soup, oxtail soup. I am living a soup filled life~~~~~
At first...I didn’t mind the soup because I was losing weight, but now it’s becoming tougher and tougher. 
I took a self-portrait and saw my face and swelling has definitely reduced. I can start to see the outline of my face as well. 
The most difficult thing to endure for 2 weeks were my gums…the sensation in my gums was painful and I even had to take painkillers…Nevertheless, looking at my gradually improving appearance helped me carry on ^^
I kept reminding myself I went through a major surgery, and that healing would not be a simple process. Afterwards, I would be able to live a wonderful life, do things I always wanted, be prettier and be a great success ~ !

Sometimes when the pain was too much for me to endure I would complain..to my boyfriend and especially to my mom.. My mother understood what I was going through and kept making me nutritious soups like oxtail and Korean rib soups... I thank my mother so very very much ~
My boyfriend bought me a box of soy-milk and other things that could help me..and kept complimenting me on how pretty I have become. I am so grateful to all the people around me. Thank you. Really ^^
Oh, I can also speak legibly now★

짱이뻐! - My Wonderful Two Jaw Surgery Experiences

짱이뻐! - My Wonderful Two Jaw Surgery Experiences

It’s already been one month since my two jaw surgery. 
I got my wafer removed and I have an easier time eating now. 
I thought I would have to eat congee and tofu for 2 months … but now I can even chew rice and eat bread~
Maybe because it’s been awhile but eating rice was so delicious! 
I had rice with some seaweed and it was so satisfying, almost like eating a steak haha..
After just 3 weeks, I was able to start chewing and going out. 
Thanks to my friend’s birthday I saw my friends, have some tea as well as eat some cake. My friends were surprised at my changed appearance~ and everyone was so jealous. 
I know my swelling has decreased compared to 2 weeks ago but I wonder why every time I take pictures I look the same -_-;;.
Being able to enjoy chatting with my friends..I had a good day ^^ 
However, I will stick to my diet and try not to gain weight! 
I like how I look after one month. I want to quickly show everyone my new appearance and so I am making plans to meet many people ~~
I also met up with my boyfriend who constantly worried and took care of me. Thank you everyone!
However, it’s too early to celebrate. I am eagerly waiting for my changed appearance at 3 months after surgery. 
I can’t settle just yet..I will only get prettier ^^ 
My pronunciation has also improved. I tried a new hairstyle today ~~
As my facial outline has become more defined my face has gotten smaller and prettier. 
I was never able to get a magic straight perm because of my cheekbones (because it made my face appear bigger), but now I can try all sorts of different hairstyles.
I think I look pretty good with straight hair hehe. It feels like a dream~ 

I am so grateful to the surgeons at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic. I am going for my follow up visit next week and will be sure to express my thanks to him in person~~

Name: Julia C
Age: 25
Surgery: Two Jaw Surgery

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