[Real Diary] Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

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짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

I have been diagnosed with having a long and asymmetric face … So don’t judge me for getting Korean two jaw surgery just for the ‘aesthetic improvements.’ I need to also improve my jaw functions as well ^^.

Because of my long and crooked face I was teased a lot since I was a kid..They called me names like horse, old woman, and worse T.T Maybe it was due to my jaws being unbalanced but I would sometimes hear clicking sounds as well;;;.

While researching famous clinics for the best Korean two jaw surgeries, I came across Wonjin Plastic Surgery, the Korean two jaw surgery specialized hospital and I got a consultation. 
The nurses and consultants were so pretty and informative~ The scale of the clinic was huge and top notch too! So.. I decided to get a surgery reservation hehe. I’m quite nervous..I see some Korean celebrities getting two jaw surgery and becoming beautiful, and I hope I can be more beautiful too! 
I just can’t wait ~~~

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

It’s finally the day of surgery~! I came to the clinic extra early because I was so excited and nervous.
I was told to change into a gown and did as instructed..it was a bit cold while I was waiting for the doctor and I got scared;;; The kind nurse reassured me that everything would be fine when I wake up after surgery …
When I awoke, I was in the recovery room.

My surgery was finished but wow I look pretty awful right? 
I keep getting phlegm and it’s difficult to breathe, it was difficult to sleep that night T.T 

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

I got discharged and I got to go home. My take home kit was full of goodies, including some medicine to help reduce swelling!

Maybe cuz I was at home, but I was able to get some much needed rest hehe. 
Just like I was told, my 3rd day I swelled up like a balloon… I’m going to have to start taking walks soon T.T 

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

I’ve started my recovery in earnest! 
It was difficult to take my medicines, but now I am used to the taste and I take it diligently. 
I started taking walks today because I heard it’s helpful in reducing swelling~ 
I’m embarrassed with how I look currently, and so I always put on a mask when I go out hehe. 

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

It’s exactly 2 weeks after my surgery, and it’s back to school T.T 
I was nervous going back to school because my cheeks looked puffy but when I arrived my friends reactions were great!

They all gave me compliments, told me I look younger and more pretty hehe!

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

It’s one month after my surgery ? I still have to put on my wafer but I can still eat pizza and fried seasoned pork haha. As long as I have my trusty scissors and cut them into bite size portions hehe!

Here’s a selfie I took while waiting for my friend.
Before when I took selfies I was so concerned with my long jaw, and I had to edit my photos but now I can upload all my photos immediately! 

This selfie is one I will send to my boyfriend. We haven’t seen each other much lately, but I wanted to show him my new cuter side in advance ^^

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

Before my surgery, my nicknames were long jaw, moon face,… among these the best one was 1000m I.U. (I resemble the singer IU from  1000 meters away…) 
But these days, I often hear that I look like a celebrity hehehe. 
Among them, IU (of course), Kang Min Kyung, and even Shin Min Ah (a stretch I know ^^) 
It’s the first time I have ever been given positive nicknames T.T

I feel much more confident when people say I have become prettier, and I can also eat better too! Life’s good!!!

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

I am busy going to the dentist and getting my braces checked. 
Braces are a little uncomfortable but I will endure to get prettier! 

Korean two jaw surgery..It’s a major surgery and one that should not be taken lightly. I’m so fortunate that I am healing well, I wish I got it done sooner hehehe 
The sensation in my jaw has almost completely returned~and besides the fact that food gets stuck in my braces, I’m all good!!

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

I’ve been busy with school, going to the dentist, and it’s already been 5 months.
No one can tell I had surgery, and I think my results are so natural. 
Like the saying goes, ‘no pain, no gain’ ^^ 

I’m so happy with the fact that I no longer need to photoshop my pictures anymore.
I can eat almost anything now (except for really tough to chew foods) 
My swelling is almost all gone too hehe. 

Before my surgery, I could never imagine wearing baseball caps because my face was so long but now I enjoy them. I have really changed a lot I think, don’t you think I resemble Kang Min Kyung a bit? Tehehe

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

I got a haircut today. I got a short new ‘do, what do you guys think? My friends tell me it really suits me! 
I even hear that I look younger with my new hairstyle ^^.

Although I like taking selfies, I take more pride in pictures that others take of me! 
I feel like it’s more candid and natural hehe

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

짱이뻐! - Goodbye Long Face, Hello KPOP Superstar

Already 8 months! My results look better day by day, and if I don’t tell anyone no one can guess that I had surgery. 
I remember I was devastated right after surgery because of my puffy and swollen face..but now I realize it was just a stepping stone in my process of becoming beautiful.

I am grateful for my functional improvements in my jaw, but the aesthetic improvements are a nice bonus hehe! 
I think my features are very well defined now. I feel so happy! 

I no longer avoid taking pictures, and am confident in my appearance now. I got surgery to correct my asymmetric face and get my jaw aligned, but getting prettier is just ‘two birds with one stone!’~!!

Name: Danica
Age: 22
Surgery: Two Jaw Surgery

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