[Real Diary] With Two Jaw Surgery No Photoshop Needed Anymore

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짱이뻐! - With Wonjin Two Jaw Surgery No Photoshop Needed Anymore

짱이뻐! - With Wonjin Two Jaw Surgery No Photoshop Needed Anymore

Hello my name is Han. I am an internet ‘ulzzang’ (good looking) celebrity and have even been on TV. However, due to the fact that I look different in real life compared to my pictures, I have been the subject of much bullying and ridicule. This made me decide to get Korean two jaw surgery at Korean two jaw surgery specialized clinic.

I will admit that when taking pictures I would adjust the angles and use Photoshop to appear more handsome. After editing, I noticed people praising my online pictures and it made me feel good. This made me take even more pictures and alter them even more.. I never imagined I would become an internet sensation and I guess I got caught up in the moment. Now I am constantly bullied for altering my pictures. Even though the only thing I altered was my long chin.. The internet bullying only intensified my long chin complex and I decided to get two jaw surgery. After surgery I hope to take pictures and show everyone how I look without Photoshop.


When I woke up this morning my heart was beating fast. Just yesterday, I slept soundly like usual but I woke up earlier than usual. Because I had to fast before surgery, I went to the clinic without eating breakfast. 
I feel like my mind was blank all the way until I laid down on the operating table~ The moment I laid down my heart started running. The nurses next to me told me soothing words and my mind began to drift as I went under the anesthesia. 
When I woke up my surgery was finished and I was in the recovery room at Korean two jaw surgery specialized clinic. I tried to ask the nurse for a mirror but the words wouldn’t come out.. When I looked in the mirror I had less swelling than I imagined. But, my long chin definitely disappeared. Starting then, despite the pain and discomfort I felt happy. I kept looking at the mirror…and kept getting surprised… I can’t wait to see how I will turn out.


I was finally discharged from the clinic. My swelling seemed to increase 3 days after surgery. I kept wondering, what if my swelling doesn’t stop?
Fortunately, today my swelling seems to have gone down. I thought staying at home would be comfortable but because I didn’t go out all day, I felt a little stuffy.
On a rainy day like this..my feeling wasn’t the best. While I was writing this diary I wanted to take self-portraits. However, no matter how I took a picture I looked so swollen I lost the desire to take pictures. My friend kept nagging to see how I looked so I sent him a picture. He said I looked slightly cuter. Because it is swollen my face does not seem like me and I don’t like how I look. I want this swelling to hurry and go away.


I kept staying home all day. I got tired of eating soup and blended fruit so I decided to take a walk. I noticed my endurance was not what it used to be and I lost a lot of weight. I decided I did not want to remain weak and decided to eat much better. Today was my first time taking a stroll outside. I heard that taking a walk is good for quickly reducing swelling. I went outside with a mask on and I wasn’t embarrassed at all. However, I got tired quickly and went back home.. I felt better after getting some fresh air.

짱이뻐! - With Wonjin Two Jaw Surgery No Photoshop Needed Anymore

I am diligently eating and taking walks at night. It’s already been 2 weeks. I got the stitches in my mouth removed and I feel more comfortable.
After about a week, my swelling started to reduce quicker. If I wear a mask I can even go out during the day hahah. Although I’m still not quite comfortable with taking close up pictures yet.. I want the swelling to reduce nicely and go eat delicious things already~

짱이뻐! - With Wonjin Two Jaw Surgery No Photoshop Needed Anymore

I can now get around without wearing a mask. Right after surgery I had a little difficult falling asleep and time seemed to go so slowly but now time is going fast. I look very natural right? I still have some swelling near my chin, but if you compare my before surgery pictures to now I look much better now. My friends tell me I look much better now and now they want to have surgery as well. I want to hurry and show the world the new me!

짱이뻐! - With Wonjin Two Jaw Surgery No Photoshop Needed Anymore

짱이뻐! - With Wonjin Two Jaw Surgery No Photoshop Needed Anymore

I like to change my hairstyle often but I couldn’t go to the salon after having surgery. I kept putting it off and patiently waiting but I couldn’t wait any longer. Yesterday I went to dye my hair. Much of my swelling is gone, so I look very natural. I can eat almost anything now, thinly sliced. I really like to eat and it was so difficult not being able to eat meat. I especially like eating galbi (Korean bbq ribs) and as long as I have some scissors I can eat it all!
Now that my swelling has reduced my chin has become much more attractive. I can eat what I want and meet my friends often. Time is just flying by. When I used to take pictures from the side I would change the camera angle to minimize my long chin. Now I can confidently take pictures and be proud of my looks. While I was recovering from my surgery I took a break from being a ‘fitting model.’ Now I am back to work and even without altering my pictures come out good. This is very exciting and fascinating to me. That’s all for this entry. I’m going to rest well, work well, and appear even better next time!

짱이뻐! - With Wonjin Two Jaw Surgery No Photoshop Needed Anymore

짱이뻐! - With Wonjin Two Jaw Surgery No Photoshop Needed Anymore

I can’t believe it’s been 3 months already... After returning to my everyday activities, time is passing quickly. I went to a hair model photo shoot yesterday. I am keeping busy with work these days. After surgery I think that any hairstyle looks good on me. Haha I am very pleased! In the past, I would put on thick makeup for the fun of it. Now I just subtly apply makeup and I still look good. The more I look the more I like how my jaw and chin looks. I used to cover my long chin when taking pictures but no longer. I am confident!!!

짱이뻐! - With Wonjin Two Jaw Surgery No Photoshop Needed Anymore

짱이뻐! - With Wonjin Two Jaw Surgery No Photoshop Needed Anymore

I’ve never tried blonde hair but in my photo shoot today I tried a blonde wig. It looks good, right? My new appearance suits me well I think..heh 

This is my recent picture with no wig! I no longer have any swelling! The clinic tells me faint swelling that remains will go away, so I guess that means I will have a slimmer facial line. 

Name: Mr. Han
Age: 24
Surgery: Face Contour, Two Jaw Surgery

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