[Real Diary] I Want to Look Like KPOP Idol With Korean Rhinoplasty

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Before (D-3days)

Hello I am in my mid-20s and I have a complex about my protruding mouth, sleepy looking eyes, blunt nose, and smile lines. My friend had a very positive experience with Korean plastic surgery here. These days, my complex about my appearance has become so severe that I do not enjoy taking pictures. Through my friend’s recommendation I came to visit the Korean rhinoplasty specialized clinic.
My job as a fitting model requires taking pictures often. Unfortunately because of my recessed laugh lines and protruding mouth I don’t like taking pictures. My mouth does not protrude excessively, but when viewed from the side it sticks out more. I heard that through fat grafting my complex can be alleviated with little pain and side effects. That’s a relief! In addition, my eyes are a little droopy causing them to appear sleepy. That is why I would like to make my eyes have Korean double eyelids to create more clear and vivid eyes.
My nose is not necessarily flat, but there is a slight deviation in my septum. Also, the tip of my nose is a bit blunt and my nostrils are quite wide. A sharp nose would make me feel more handsome, and that is why I decided to reduce those parts of my nose. I decided to get eye, nose, and fat grafting procedures at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. It is almost the day of my surgery and I can’t hardly wait! 

Before (D-1day)

Tomorrow is finally the big day. For my eyes I decided on non-incision Korean double eyelid surgery for the most natural looking results. For my nose tip I decided to use cartilage from my ear. Everyone tells me that when getting Korean nose surgery, the ear hurts more than the nose. I wonder how much it will hurt. Nevertheless to become handsome it is something I must endure! 
I have to fast before I have surgery. After surgery, alcohol and smoking is prohibited. They tell me infections can also occur after surgery. Fortunately, I am a non smoker and I don’t drink alcohol. Here are my pictures. A flat nose tip…small eyes…sunken appearing cheeks. I want to quickly improve my features. The celebrity or KPOP idol I would like to look like is Lee Gikwang from Beast. I want to hurry and have surgery so I can look like Gikwang. His nose is quite sharp and manly it makes me green with envy…After surgery I can also become more attractive and handsome, right? 

Hello! I have finally arrived after surgery. I am completely half asleep half awake and right now I can’t see very well. Applying ointment to my eyes makes everything slightly blurry ? I originally planned to take the subway home but took a taxi instead. Maybe because I did multiple procedures at once there is much swelling. Looking in the mirror I could not recognize myself hah hah.
I am absolutely not worried about my surgery. The doctor told me the surgery went well and obviously this is a specialized clinic I can trust! I went to the clinic and changed into a gown. Next, I met the surgeons who would operate on me and they began to design on my face. It looked like they were doodling on me! I was told that I would not be completely sedated during the double eyelid surgery because there would be times I have to blink. During the nose and fat grafting procedures I would be deeply sedated. The surgery was finished as soon as I woke up! I was worried about how much pain I would be in but to tell you the truth…I didn’t feel any pain at all. 
My swollen face, I wonder when it will return to normal? I hope the swelling goes away quickly!


Hi again it’s already been 5 days after my surgery! The swelling remains but it has improved a lot. I can clearly see the swelling reduction, but the bruises are becoming darker. I even slept while in a seated position because it would be good for the healing process.
Maybe they took some fat from my buttocks because it seems to be cushy. Usually fat is extracted from the thighs abdomen but I am a slim guy so they took some fat from my butt.
I only took pictures of my eyes, laugh lines, and nose. 5 days after surgery my eyes are more bruised than swollen. I wanted slight and natural looking double eyelids. Even with the bruising, my eyelids appear natural and I am pleased with the results! I also like my new nose but I would like to see underneath the bandage. My recessed laugh lines have improved! As soon as the swelling subsides I am sure I will be even more satisfied. I have been consistently eating pumpkin porridge and pumpkin extract because it is good for the healing process. I will return soon!


I feel much better after taking the bandages off of my nose. I feel like I can concentrate on swelling reduction more! This is my nose after 1 week. After comparing my nose now to my nose before surgery I feel like it has become sharper keke. I was told my nose can appear bigger due to the swelling but I am still satisfied with how it looks. The area under my nose, after stitches were removed, seems to be healing well. I don’t think I will have scarring! 
My eyes may be swollen but appear natural. I wanted to have natural appearing bigger eyes and I got exactly what I asked! I want time to just fly by so my swelling will disappear. Next time I will show you all a more attractive me!


I heard that keeping cool is good for swelling reduction. Every night I have been taking a stroll at a nearby stream. Now I wish my swelling would fly away at once! It’s already been one week after surgery. I remember thinking right after surgery “ah…I wonder when this swelling will go away” and being worried. Obviously the swelling will go away in time and seeing my improving features everyday makes me happy.
I met some friends I hadn’t seen in awhile and showed them my results. Everyone tells me my double eyelids look natural. My nose also looks better and after the swelling went down it appears more attractive. The fat grafted areas are still swollen and I have yellow bruises here and there. While I ask myself when will these bruises disappear…they would have already disappeared right? Hah I need to go for a follow up fat graft in 3 months. This is to make sure my face appears balanced! My smile line wrinkles are almost completely gone. A little swelling remains but I am still satisfied with how I look!


My swelling has subsided quite noticeably! My bruising is also almost gone but bruising under my eyes makes me look like I have dark circles. My friends tell me that if I apply something under my eyes I can cover it up, but I am afraid that if I keep touching the area the swelling won’t improve so I’m not applying anything.
It’s only been a month but I am happy. I compare old pictures of me and feel like I have changed a lot! My face looks better in pictures when I have some plump to my cheeks. Maybe it’s because swelling in the nose remains but my nose bridge looks considerably higher. I definitely wanted a higher nose bridge, and I wonder how it will look after the swelling completely subsides!


It’s been a while since I updated my story! It’s already been 2 months since I had surgery. My cheeks look fuller than before after fat grafting. Much of my skin tone has returned and I feel much more handsome. As you can see my swelling has subsided considerably and my face no longer has sunken recessed areas.
I mentioned this in my previous posting but my eye surgery looks very natural. I went to a hair salon the other day and the hair stylist couldn’t believe it when I told her about having eyelid surgery! This is all thanks to the superior work of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. It’s almost time for my follow up fat graft. The fat extracted during my original fat graft has been kept in storage. If I do not have my follow up fat graft within 3 months, then my fat will be thrown out and I will have to extract more fat…? Since my swelling has subsided this procedure should
go just as smoothly. I’ll be sure to update after my follow up fat graft!


Hello again! It’s been awhile~ These days I am enjoying life thanks to Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. Thanks to my improved looks I am getting more photo shoots and have become much busier! The people around me have also commented on how handsome I have become. It’s as if I have gained multiple gifts from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group!
The results of my surgery are great. When I tell people I have met for the first time, they find it hard to believe I have had surgery. People tell me my face appears smaller and often ask if I had jaw surgery. I am experiencing multiple positive results. It’s been quite some time since I had surgery but I am still quite careful. I try my best not to rub my eyes. I heard that double eyelids can come undone with excessive rubbing. My nose also turned out quite well. My nose bridge has become higher and straighter as well. My nose will be fine as long as I don’t apply much pressure on it. After fat grafting, my previously recessed cheeks now look healthy when I take pictures.
I would like to share with everyone my satisfactory experience with Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. If you would like to become prettier, more handsome pay Wonjin a visit! Haha forgive me for saying this, I know I’m not that handsome~ Until next time! 

Name: Jin Kim
Age: 25
Surgery: Eye Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Anti-Aging (Fat Grafting)

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