[Real Diary] Look Like a Young Boy Again With Korean Face Contouring

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짱이뻐! - Look Like a Young Boy Again With Korean Face Contouring


My greatest enemy was my flat nose and my angular jaw line. I think men should have a nice nose and jaw line in order to be good looking hehe but I’ve never liked my nose and jaw -_- and I’ve never considered surgery because I thought it was only for girls, but a lot of guys get surgery these days so hehe if I could be more confident and live a better life after surgery, then there shouldn’t be any problem getting Korean face contouring surgery. 

This is what I look like currently. My face is square, really big, and my nose is pointing downwards so I just hate it.. I’m uploading pictures right now so I can see a comparison after I receive surgery~~~ I can’t wait to see what I look like after the surgery and the gradual change haha people around me worry when I tell them about my decision, but hopefully everything will work out well~~^^

My house is really far from the hospital so I came up a day early and slept over at a friend’s house. And on the day of the surgery, I went to the hospital with my friends, and they kept teasing that I wouldn’t wake up from the surgery -_- I told them not to follow me and got bad, but when I went into the operation room, I was pretty scared and nervous haha When I lay down on the surgery bed, my heart was beating so fast haha and the nurses told me to stay calm. After anesthesia I went into surgery, and then I woke up pretty disoriented.. I stayed in the recovery room for a while and took a taxi to my friend’s house. I tried to sit up to reduce the swelling, and it felt really stuffy because they inserted cotton into my nose;;


Before surgery, I heard that you swell up the most on day 3. It was true, and today is actually the 5th day, so you can’t really see the swelling compared to my 3rd day. I looked really sad with the swelling I slept sitting and walked around. 

My face became really yellow, like when you peel oranges and your fingers turn yellow. The hospital informed me that those are bruises haha. At first, they were a bluish color, but they became yellow. I felt a bit embarrassed because I was a man walking around having done plastic surgery and looked like I’ve gotten into an accident. Now, I don’t mind because my square jaw is still swollen but looks definitely slimmer.

My jaw line from the side looks different, and my front looks different too so I’m happy! I hope that my swelling goes away soon ^^ It’s amazing that they cut my bone but it doesn’t hurt at all ^^


My stitches are all removed and the bandage on my nose is gone too~~ There is still swelling on my nose so it looks a bit roundish but my chin is getting slimmer so quickly. I look at myself in the mirror and take pictures, and feel that’s it’s real. My friend said he wanted to take a picture with me so he stood next to me, and I was shocked^^;;;

It’s really slim right?? It’s my face but I’m surprised every time I take a look haha. I had bruises on the upper part of my eye after the surgery, so I get a bit upset when I look at them, but it just makes me smile when I see my chin haha 

It’s so different from my face before. Maybe they cut off a huge part, and I look and look again, but it’s just so weird and amazing! My nose still looks big but it is definitely higher, and it’s in the straight line shape that I had wanted! The tip is not drooping, and it looks really straight I love my new nose hehe I’m excited about how it will change~~^^


I am a boy but I had long hair to cover my large cheekbones and square jaw. It’s only been 3 weeks so I still have yellow bruises and it’s not fully natural yet, but I cut my hair and could even wear a beanie. At first, it was really hard for 3 days because of the swelling, but after 2 weeks, I became more confident and it wasn’t that hard doing daily stuff.
At first, my friends wondered why a male was getting surgery, and they made fun of me when I was swollen. After my swelling had gone, when my jaw and nose came out nicely, my friends considered the surgery too ha-ha.


Now, I’ve become so natural that people who see me for the first time don’t know I got surgery muahahaha I can say that I am very satisfied. When I wasn’t recovered fully, my smile was awkward, but now I can smile and eat whatever I want.

When I wore hats before the surgery, it would accentuate my contour so I’d cover it up with my long hair. Now I wear hats just fine and I also cut my hair really short. My hat and hair changed, but the biggest change was my expression and confidence.

My nose tip still looks a bit big probably since the swelling is still there. When the swelling is all gone, I believe I shall be a pretty boy. I’m gonna try to eat and rest well for faster recovery. 


The surgery was cutting the bone, so it wasn’t an easy decision to make, but looking back, I didn’t really have a hard time. It’s already been 3 months, but I haven’t had any side effects. Now I am meeting my friends much more frequently and enjoy going out... although I did enjoy going out before too hehe

I guess the swelling is almost gone because my nose bridge is getting higher and my nostrils are getting smaller hehe. I’ve already forgotten about the 3 days I suffered right after the surgery. 


Wow, it’s been 4 months since I had the Korean face contouring surgery. I went shopping with my friends now that the weather is getting warmer. When I had wanted to cover up my chin, I never bought hats, but these days I’m looking for hats, glasses, and various accessories. I’m not that tall, so when my face was big, it was so stressful. Now, I look pretty proportional so that is definitely a plus hahaha the only bad thing is I keep buying stuff to make me look even prettier haha

It’s so fun to take pictures? Something I’ve never felt before this Korean plastic surgery ^^


My friends are so jealous of me now that I have a slimmer jaw and higher nose haha it suits me very well..
I compared the picture I took before the surgery and one I took a few days ago haha I look so different! ^^ Honestly before the surgery, I was a bit worried that there may be side effects. I was also worried because I had this opinion that surgery was only for girls. Now that I see the results, I have absolutely no regrets.

I know there are a lot of guys out there who aren’t confident about their looks. I was fearful and reluctant, but people are looking at me differently and pay me more attention haha. The greatest thing is, I am changed on the inside, and I am much more confident.

Name: Bruce Wayne
Age: 24
Surgery: Rhinoplasty, Face Contour

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