[Real Diary] I Just Can’t Wait to Get This Korean Two Jaw Surgery

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It’s 1 day before my surgery and my friends all ask me ‘Won’t it hurt? Aren’t you worried?’ However, I am so looking forward to my new appearance after surgery that actually I just can’t wait to get this Korean plastic surgery!

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

I’ve been stressed about my jaw ever since I was in middle school. 
Even during various sports events I was always concerned about my bangs! 
When participating in running competitions, I couldn’t run properly because I was afraid of the wind blowing and exposing my long face.. that’s probably why I was always last. When taking pictures with my friends I always had to cover up part of my face to minimize how big I really looked. 

I quickly became good friends with Adobe Photoshop..because I would always edit my photos after taking them. 
After cutting, shaving my jaw I want to be able to confidently take pictures and no longer have to edit them with Photoshop.  My close friends know about my complex and mentioned..’girl you would be perfect if not for your jaw..’ Whenever someone commented that I resembled a celebrity..it was someone who had a protruding jaw long face. Even if I was just having a normal conversation and if someone even mentioned the word ‘jaw’ I subconsciously became upset..

I entered university and my major is in broadcasting. Almost every class I have to give presentations in front of my classmates and on camera. My stress about my jaw only increased after entering college..I have always been sensitive about my appearance but actually I had some functional difficulties due to my jaw as well. My professors told me my pronunciation was poor and improper T.T

I took an image making class and my peers told me I would look better without bangs but..but..my jaw! 
That’s why after much thinking I decided to get Korean two jaw surgery at Korean two jaw surgery specialized hospital. I want to try different hairstyles and be confident in both appearance and speech.  After surgery, I will no longer have to shave my jaw with Photoshop! (because I will literally get my jaw shaved down hehe).
Look forward to my new appearance after the two jaw surgery ^^

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

It’s been 5 days after surgery. Time is going so slow these days. 3 days before surgery time went slow as I eagerly waited for my surgery day, but now time is going so slow as I look at my really swollen face. 

I can’t clearly see my jaw has become shorter, and my face looks plump because of my swelling T.T. 
I’m having difficulty washing my hair so I went to the hair salon and got a trim (and a complimentary shampooing!) 
Maybe it’s just me but whenever I get a shampooing at the hair salon, I feel so relaxed and it’s a healing experience.

Actually, the most difficult thing after surgery is eating.. I really like to eat meat and I saw a famous Korean barbeque place on TV and I felt sad because I am unable to enjoy eating meat T.T 
Well, at least I am making improvements. At first, I had to eat through a syringe but now I can eat porridge hehe.

When my swelling goes down I want to eat lots of tasty food and go out more. Being at home resting is quite boring. I think to myself, ‘now that my long jaw is gone..and after my swelling completely settles, I will be pretty, right?”
I want to hurry and see myself with no swelling.

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

As I sit down to write this diary entry I notice it’s been 10 days.. Every morning my routine is to wake up and check out myself in the mirror (to check out my swelling of course!)

I recently visited the clinic for my post operation check up. I don’t live in Seoul, and so with my plump and swollen face I took a 5 hour bus ride to Seoul. During my checkup the nurse commented that my swelling is reducing nicely, and was told me compared to other people she’s seen it’s not too bad! The doctor checked me out and noted my scars were healing good, and everything was progressing smoothly. I felt so relieved and happy! 

I also learned how to apply the rubber bands by myself as well as mouth opening exercises. 
The exercises are called ‘Ah, Oh smile’ and it involves shaping my mouth to make the ‘Ah’ and ‘Oh’ sounds. 

Whenever I step outside, I always wear a mask. Because it covers up half my face I can confidently meet my friends now too hehe. My friends are so considerate T.T since they know I can’t eat well, we usually hang out at coffee shops even porridge places. Everyone tells me I look cute and when my swelling goes down my face will be super small. I want this swelling to go away !!!!!!!!!!! I was told that large swollen areas should go away within 1 month but..it depends on the individual. That’s why every night before I go to sleep I cast a lucky charm on myself singing ‘Swelling swelling go away, and stay away!’ Teehee

My diet consists of congee, yogurt, and juice. Not really satisfying foods T.T. I guess two jaw surgery is not for the faint of heart ? and it’s certainly not easy to become prettier. 

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

I can’t believe it’s been 1 month already! Almost like magic and just like I was told, my large swollen areas are reducing nicely. You can also start to see my new jaw line as well. 

My left side appears more swollen because I guess the swelling reduces unevenly. On my second post operation visit I got the stitches in my mouth removed as well as my rubber bands changed. I want to hurry and get my wafer and rubber bands removed! 

Now that it’s been a month, I can eat rice mixed with soup, as well as ramen noodles. Oh and I can also eat soft foods like cheese cake. Not being able to eat these past few weeks was tough, and being able to eat rice and ramen now is so awesome. 

After eating I always make sure to brush my teeth carefully and perform mouth opening exercises! 
I was told if I don’t perform my exercises I won’t be able to eat hamburgers later hehe. 
Washing my hair has become easier too. Even though I have swelling remaining, my face has become smaller, and my friends are jealous hehe. 

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

I am diligently going for my post OP checkups and I got 4 screws and rubber bands removed yay. Next, I got some X-rays and CT scans taken and the doctor told me my scars were healing great. I am always so relieved to hear that I am healing well and with no complications. At my 4th postoperative checkup I got my wafer removed. 

After my wafer was removed, the amount of foods I can eat has also increased! I still can’t chew really hard foods, but I can finally eat kimchi again hehe. I am thoroughly enjoying the freedom of taking off and applying my wafer now. 

I go here and there, taking walks and stuff. Maybe that’s why my swelling is healing so well. I think the incision inside my mouth is almost fully healed. My chin sometimes feels tingly and I was told this was a sign of my senses getting back to normal. 

I must have changed a lot because when I meet with old friends and professors, no one can recognize me. They wonder if I had more than just two jaw surgery, and ask if I did my nose and eyes hehe. My face is also no longer asymmetric and my features are more clearly defined now. 

Everyone tells me I have become prettier, and I made the right choice in getting Korean two jaw surgery ^^. Sometimes, people ask me about my surgery and think I just got it for aesthetic reasons, but when I tell everyone about my previous complexes then we get things straightened out. 

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

After the wafer removal, I got braces on my upper set of teeth first. It wasn’t so bad except for the limitation on the types of food I could consume. I have to stay away from hard and big sized food. It’s more comfortable that a wafer but it’s still hard to get used to. I had trouble sleeping on my first day. My chin was still swollen, and I think the swelling is going down really slowly. I’m eating better now, like soft food, and I think I gained some weight.. I should really start going on a diet on top of getting swelling treatment.

I should also start taking care of my body since I got surgery. My speaking is better now, except for the bit of lisp, but it’s a lot better than wearing the wafer. I have to go to a check-up in May so i hope everything is alright. Now that it’s been 3 months, I’m almost forgetting that I received Korean two jaw surgery. 

My face is so natural that people who didn’t know me in the past don’t know that I received surgery. People tell me that they’re jealous, and that I was brave. It feels good to hear that. 

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

It’s already May and it’s been four months since the surgery. I took an x-ray and CT scan, and it reminded me of when I first went to the Korean two jaw surgery specialized clinic. The nurses told me the surgery turned out great. I still can’t believe I got surgery on January 18th, and it’s been four months! It’s funny how I just got surgery like it was nothing. 

The check-up went alright. The doc asked me if I had a boyfriend, and when I said no, he said I would get one soon. I also asked why there’s a sound when I open my mouth to eat, and he told me that I am opening my mouth the wrong way. About 80% of my swelling is gone now, and if I try losing weight, I can get rid of the swelling faster. It takes one a great deal of work to become beautiful, doesn’t one? But the really great news is that there is nothing wrong with me! 

Thank you doc for everything! I love you Wonjin Plastic Surgery hehehe They told me there would be another check-up two months later and I hope everything stays fine. I shall try to lose weight too. I can’t wait to see myself without the swelling completely. I should take a picture with the doc @_@ 

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

Natural @_@
It’s July already! I used to look at the mirror and think to myself, “did I really get surgery? Is this really me?” But now, I don’t really think that I changed. My face has become so natural, and except for not being able to eat hard food like nuts, I don’t feel much discomfort. My chin is well, and it feels natural when I chew or move my jaw.

If you take a look at my diaries, there are only positive parts, so it might be weird, but I really feel no side effects. I think I might forget the fact that I had surgery a year from now hahaha. If I just had to choose something that was bothering me, it would be the braces. I never had them, but now that it’s there, I get food bits stuck in them. Honestly, I think wearing braces is more annoying than the Korean two jaw surgery...

When I got my stitches done inside my mouth, I would get food bits in the scar, and it was really hard to eat hot food. But now, the scar is almost gone, so I have no issue with eating hot food. The weather is very hot these days, so every time I tie up my hair, I think to myself that I made a very good decision getting Korean two jaw surgery. 

I’m so happy that I can put my bangs up and wear hairstyles without being embarrassed. My friends compliment me on my small face so I am just a happy girl. They told me I have to come in for another check-up in August so hopefully everything will heal and be great!!

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

짱이뻐! - I just can’t wait to get this Korean Two Jaw Surgery

This is my last diary
On January 18th, 2012, I was 21 and I had received Korean two jaw surgery at the Korean two jaw surgery specialized hospital. I am on my 8th month, and a few months from now it will be one whole year. Every day I see my face change. I remember the first time I looked in the mirror after the surgery, and I see the swelling going down bit by bit. My face isn’t a big square anymore and my doubts of getting two jaw surgery is finally a thing in the past. You can’t see a protruding chin on my face anywhere. I can’t believe I experienced this magnificent change with just one surgery.

I remember the first time I went to the hospital alone, and meeting the consultant and doctors who all told me they would make me pretty. Like they said, my face and also the person inside of me has changed for the better. The doctors told me nothing was wrong during the x-ray and for the general check-up.

I am just so happy and relieved that the surgery didn’t have any side effects. Now my responsibilities are to go on a diet to reduce the swelling and make my face slimmer. My braces are coming off in 5 months so hopefully I will look much more natural, right? I write my last diary with happiness, and I thank the nurses and doctors of Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic from the bottom of my heart.

Name: Lauren
Age: 21
Surgery: Two Jaw Surgery, Face Contour

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