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If you're dreaming of having a perfect slim body shape without getting stressed of dieting, you might want to check this Korean body contour procedures. A procedure called Belody will be introduced this time. 

짱이뻐! - Korean Body Contour - Belody

Belody is one of Korean body contour procedure which is categorized as Laser Body Sculpting. It is a 980nm vibration type laser treatment using strong frequency that stimulates collagen and elastin formation. Since it is a laser treatment, it can't be called as surgery like liposuction, instead Belody is commonly called as lipo laser. This laser lifts and firms the problems area so that you will have a tighter and firmer body shape after this Korean body contour procedure.

Belody only needs 30 minutes to complete the procedure and no hospitalization needed. You can see the effect even after the first procedure and after the procedure done, you can do your daily activity like always. So for you who are afraid with liposuction, we're sure that Belody is one of the best choice to do so. To get the best lifting results, safety is most important. The laser used for Korean body contour and face contour at Wonjin has passed strenuous testing for safety and performance. It has been approved for use by the FDA, KFDA, and CE.

Here are the areas that can be covered with Belody:
짱이뻐! - Korean Body Contour - Belody

Korean body contour, Belody, precautions:
  • 1. Total fasting (including water) should be done at least 4 hours before treatment time.
  • 2. Return to everyday activity is possible right after surgery. Movement aids in a quicker recovery process.
  • 3. Shower is possible 3 days after treatment while bathing is possible after 1 week.
  • 4. Pulling sensation will subside after 2 weeks, however this sensation can occur again after 3 months.

More information can be found here!
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