[Real Diary] I'm So Excited to Start My Surgery Journey at Wonjin

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짱이뻐! - So Excited to Start My Surgery Journey at Wonjin

Let me explain little bit of myself: I used to live in Korea when I was 13 and moved a little from here to there. I started living with my cousin and aunt when I became 16, and that’s when I learned building remodeling. As I get older, my jaw line became very prominent and when I turn 19, my dentist suggested me a two jaw surgery for a medical reason. Some doctors back in USA suggested me to have a surgery like fixing a pin on my jaw line, so my mom was shocked. My mom knew that Korea has good surgeons with lots experience so she suggested me to consider having a surgery in Korea. I hesitated a little if I should proceed with a two jaw surgery because I was afraid of fear and result of the surgery. I am a university student so I had not much time to recover and it made me hesitant about the surgery too.

All of a sudden, I received a call from TV television show program for a shoot last year. I have some experience in photograph shooting, so I know how I look on TV. So, often I needed computer program to fix some of my facial shape. I was aware of my appearance and cared so much how I will be seen by other people. So, I searched about Cosmetic Surgery for 4 years long, then 2 years ago, I met a make-up artist who had a very beautiful face shape and heard that he had a face contouring surgery at Wonjin. 2 months after I heard about Wonjin, I heard their name again from Ul-jjang Era TV show program. One of them just had a two jaw surgery 2 months ago, so he still had some swelling left but he looked great!

This is how I came to Wonjin for my surgery. Of course, I went many other Clinics for consultation. I wanted to make a decision with enough time. The main reason I chose Wonjin was that every staffs here at Wonjin are so kind! Even if I understand Korean, I’m not familiar with medical term and recovery instructions. So, translation team at Wonjin really helped me a lot to understand. Jenny is an English translator working for Wonjin and she is truly an amazing person! She makes sure I get noticed of important things and answers all of my questions. And there is Jessica who helped the overall process to go smoothly. She is also an amazing and wonderful person.
First of all, X-ray was filmed and my teeth shape was sampled. I met Dr.Park Jong-chul and he told me that my jaw line was over-developed and asymmetric. He told me to not worry because it will get improved. I really liked how Dr.Park listened to me and agreed to proceed the surgery reflecting my opinion.

I met a dentist, Dr. Joo Hyun-woo, who was very kind and tried his best to schedule the surgery day for my convenience. I had upper teeth braces done and it was very fast and nice! I could see how skillful he was. I can’t wait for my surgery and new look after the surgery!

짱이뻐! - So Excited to Start My Surgery Journey at Wonjin

It’s been a week from the operation day and it’s getting better! Finally I don’t need to clean my nose anymore. I had hard time breathing through half blocked nose from the cotton but finally I can breathe with no problem now!
I eat soup and take a 45 minute walk 3 times a day to help the swelling.  My parents say my face looks so much smaller even with the swelling! I’m so excited to see my face after complete recovery!

짱이뻐! - So Excited to Start My Surgery Journey at Wonjin

Wow. A lot of things happened within 2 weeks. 
Firstly, the wire was removed and now I can talk! Not perfectly like old time but the doctor said it’s gonna get better.
Secondly, swelling subsided so much after I had a swelling injection care at U-cell Clinic (Wonjin Dermatology Clinic). I hope that was the last injection I’ll ever need for post-operation care lol
The nurse was so skillful so I felt no pain at all. She also told me that 50%of swelling will be gone within 2-3 days. And she was right!! I still walk 45 minutes 3 times a day for a good blood circulation. It’s getting colder outside but I’m feeling awesome regardless of weather!

짱이뻐! - So Excited to Start My Surgery Journey at Wonjin

Wow! Time does fly. I can’t believe it’s already been a month since my Korean two jaw surgery day. I glad that I don’t feel any sharp sensation on my front chin anymore. I started mouth opening practice now and sometimes I had a cramp on my right side but it didn’t hurt though.

Swelling has subsided very much so that I don’t need to wear face mask anymore outside. You know how people say ‘Time heals everything’? I think it’s the same with surgery too. The wafer on my upper teeth makes it hard to chew things but next week I can take wafers off and I’ll be gone to USA!!
Oh, I decided to change my hair color to green! 

짱이뻐! - So Excited to Start My Surgery Journey at Wonjin

Hey everyone! Like my new hair color? Haha
I’m back from US and I feel much better now!
As you can see from my photo, most of the swelling is gone now!

짱이뻐! - So Excited to Start My Surgery Journey at Wonjin

I’ve decided to change my hair color to yellow again!
Now, I have no problem from swelling and I feel like my face was always like this lol
I can’t wait to take off all of my braces!

짱이뻐! - So Excited to Start My Surgery Journey at Wonjin

Name: Dax
Age: 33
Surgery: Two Jaw Surgery + Orthodontics

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