[Real Diary] A Captivating Woman With Wonjin's Korean Rhinoplasty

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짱이뻐! -  A Captivating Woman With Wonjin's Korean Rhinoplasty

It's a funny thing, knowing you are going to be changing a part of yourself that you've seen every day in the mirror. It's nerve wracking, it's exciting, and it's something I've been waiting to do for so long. Some things are easy to change like your weight, your hairstyle, your clothes. I had done all that and still felt a tinge of disappointment when I looked at myself. There was something about my looks that couldn't be changed through my efforts alone. My nose. 

It's not a nose people would call beautiful. I've heard that it was "unique", "had character", and "not so bad", but no one ever described it as "pretty”,"lovely".

No matter how well I applied my makeup, it couldn't hide my beak like nose. I am so self-conscious about my nose that I never want to take photos from the side, only from the front, and at 45 degree angle. I inwardly grimace every time someone posts a profile shot of me on social networking sites. I even wear glasses not because I like them, but because they help hide the hump. If I can't see the problem, it doesn't exist right? Wrong.

However, with the help of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, the problem of my nose will soon be a thing of the past. I got to visit them yesterday, and I can honestly say I have never felt so comfortable in a clinic before. That may sound crazy to you, but it's true! The translators, consultant, and doctor were so sweet and fun that I felt like I was chatting and laughing with friends. They really put my fears at ease and easily understood what I want and (more importantly) didn't want out of this procedure. Whereas other clinics may push for more more, more, Wonjin, the Korean rhinoplasty specialized hospital, knew that for me, the simplest solutions are the best. It made trusting them to give me a nose that others will call "pretty" the easiest thing in the world. 

Now all that's left is to wait for the big day!

짱이뻐! -  A Captivating Woman With Wonjin's Korean Rhinoplasty

Before going into surgery, your translator feels like your best friend. My translator sat with me, told me stories, and helped reassure me that everything was going to be all right. I'm not ashamed to say that right before the procedure, I started bawling like a little baby out of fear, but my translator held my hand and the nurses wiped away my tears. Thanks to their kindness, I regained my composure quickly and continued. 

As I was put under I thought, oh anesthesia feels hot, not cold, and then when I woke up, everything was finished and I was being taken to a room to rest. There wasn't any pain, but I was the thirstiest I had ever been in my entire life. Waiting two hours before being allowed a cup of water was hard. The first sip was heavenly (and so were the 6 cups I drank after). As I was inspecting my post-procedure face, I noticed that the bruises weren't nearly as bad as the ones I had seen on the internet. Just a little redness around my eyes. 

The bruising got a bit worse the day after on my left eye, so I kept putting cold packs on it to make sure the swelling would go down. I think the cold packs are working wonders because the bruises are already starting to fade and its only been three days. Thankfully, the bruises don't even hurt at all. I would compare the "pain" of getting Korean rhinoplasty to a head cold because I've only had a slight headache and what feels like a very stuffy nose. 

The stuffy nose is probably the most annoying part. It makes sleeping difficult and when you do wake up, your tongue feels like it's been dried in an oven for a bit. Keeping water by my side helped to alleviated the dry tongue situation. But honestly, if a stuffy nose is the most I can complain about after getting Korean rhinoplasty, then there isn't much to complain about, now is there? 

짱이뻐! -  A Captivating Woman With Wonjin's Korean Rhinoplasty

I still have some bruises and swelling left on my nose but not so noticeable I think!
I hope they subside soon~
Enjoy my photos!

짱이뻐! -  A Captivating Woman With Wonjin's Korean Rhinoplasty

It’s been 14 days after my Korean rhinoplasty day.
I feel like most of the major swelling is gone. I still have some bruises left but hope it gets better soon!
Enjoy my photos~

짱이뻐! -  A Captivating Woman With Wonjin's Korean Rhinoplasty

짱이뻐! -  A Captivating Woman With Wonjin's Korean Rhinoplasty

So, my nose is getting more natural day by day!
I’m so satisfied with the shape, texture, and height of my nose.
So glad I’ve decided to have it done!

짱이뻐! -  A Captivating Woman With Wonjin's Korean Rhinoplasty

Hey everyone!
I’m enjoying my new look every day and I hope you are too.
I can’t believe it’s already been 3 months since my Korean rhinoplasty day.
I feel confident with my new nose and love to hear compliments about it! 

Name: Cynthia Joan
Age: 27
Surgery: Rhinoplasty

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