[Short Diary] Just Had Korea Rhinoplasty Before My Wedding

1:48:00 PM

짱이뻐! - Just Had Korea Rhinoplasty Before My Wedding

My nose bridge is kind of high but I had something like humped thing on my nose, the tip is also round shaped.
It was my complex as my nose was really not good when I took photos... (it made my nose look bigger)
That's why I didn't really like taking selca or photo close-up.
I will have a wedding next year and when I take a look at other people wedding photos, I decided not to delay to do Korea rhinoplasty anymore.

짱이뻐! - Just Had Korea Rhinoplasty Before My Wedding

I never did any plastic surgery before so all I can do is just envying other people.
I was worried before because even though many celebrities did plastic surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, the review is half and half, but then I just thought that it'd be good if it match with me, so I had consultation there, I like the consultant as well.
The staffs are also nice.
I was worried because of the swelling after removing the stitch but as I look at the mirror, I thought that it was really a good decision to do the Korea rhinoplasty haha
It's been 2 weeks now!
I'm really satisfied with the result, my family, especially my mom, my husband, and my friends are saying that it was good, I feel really good!
What's I like the best is that I can be confident while taking photo now haha
Hope all swelling can reduce well, and thank you to all staffs at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group!

Name: Ms. Noh
Surgery: Rhinoplasty

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