[Real Diary] Boost Your Confidence With Breast Surgery in Korea

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짱이뻐! - Boost Your Confidence With Breast Surgery in Korea

Hello. I'm a trainer!
Since I'm a trainer, I have more muscle and my body looks bigger than average woman.
But compared to my posture, I have no breast and it makes me stressed..
The more I exercise, my breast is getting smaller..
I couldn't take it anymore so I decided to do breast surgery in Korea!!

What I hope after the breast surgery in Korea is that I could wear sportswear without pad in the hot summer!
Wearing clothes I always wanted to wear!
Buy and wear bikini without any worries!

What I worry about is.. scar?!
My skin is kind of easy to form keloid scar so I'm a bit worried for the incision but, since Wonjin Plastic Surgery is very famous for breast surgery in Korea, so I'll try to trust them. 

짱이뻐! - Boost Your Confidence With Breast Surgery in Korea

When the blood bag is removed, I feel like a straw inside my breasts just being taken away from my body??
It didn't hurt. After the blood bag is removed, it feels like the pain is gone a lot and I can also move easier.
Though the area where the blood bag is removed is a bit hard but as time goes by it become softer.
Of course I keep doing exercise and I give massage routinely to speed up the recovery process.

짱이뻐! - Boost Your Confidence With Breast Surgery in Korea

It's been a week!

I got sterilized the incision area and the part where the blood bag is removed.
I also get capsular contracture prevention injection.
Now I could move my arm easier and there is no bruise left. I'm so lucky right?
Though there is a bit swelling different between both sides of my breasts, overall the swelling is really reduced faster than I thought.
Because the implant is inserted under the muscle so when I move my arm wide or when I give pressure,
I can feel my upper breasts are somewhat pulled by something. But the doctor explained it is just natural thing. Because arm muscle and breast muscle are connected to each other.

About the pain... Well, the first 3 days was the greatest! After 7 days, it's getting better a lot! Maybe I'm adapted to it a bit?
I will have the stitch removed after 2 weeks! I feel so relieved because the incision scar is very neat.
Next week I have to start to work again and because I am a trainer and I have to lift dumb-bell often,this makes me quite worry. But seeing my recovery is this fast, I guess I have nothing to worry about.

짱이뻐! - Boost Your Confidence With Breast Surgery in Korea

My breast muscle range of motion has become wider, my life is much easier but I still have trouble when doing breast exercise, push-up, or exercise that has relation with weight.
It's only been 2 weeks, is it too much? Haha
But it's a relieve that I can walk fast and do shoulder exercise!

Pain.. I feel it every time I wake up but that's all. 
Even before the breast surgery in Korea I like to wear tight clothes all the time, now after the breast surgery in Korea, I feel like they are my real breasts, so natural! 
Everybody envy me for my new voluminous breasts! Hahaha
If you are thinking of doing breast plastic surgery, I really recommend it!!!!!
I was kind of afraid because it's a big surgery, but the result was really makes me satisfied, because I can experience what I didn't have before!
Now I can change my fashion style too~
My body looks glamorous thanks to my fuller breasts. It looks like I have tighter and smaller waist! Kkk

I was worried that it was a big surgery but it's really a surgery with high satisfaction! Recommended!!

짱이뻐! - Boost Your Confidence With Breast Surgery in Korea

The swelling is really reduced a lot! 
I was worried if the size is a bit bigger but now seeing the result all the worries are gone, even I regret why I didn't do it bigger haha
I guess that's why people are doing it as big as they can.
Right after the surgery I worried because my breast didn't look big though, meanwhile my friends said that it looks big even from front or side view kkk
They're envying that my breast looks big after all.

It's also getting softer, and the scar is disappearing.
Now I didn't even remember all the worries and pain during the breast surgery in Korea, even I regret why I didn't do it earlier, when I was a year younger.. ㅠ

Now I can  lie down on my side, or even bent on my knees comfortably. Though I have tried not to do hard exercise!
Before the breast surgery in Korea, my breast even look smaller because of my wide shoulder, now my wide shoulder is kind of covered even my waist looks slimmer. 
I don't know if it's because I'm exercising so I have more muscle than normal woman, and because of my breast I was so embarrassed to go to the sauna, but now I can go there confidently and comfortably!! Haha

Some people around me also asked my opinion and decided to do the breast surgery in Korea as well.
It feels like it's something that could boost your confidence as a woman?
Since you won't get bigger breast by exercising...
Now I'm really satisfied that I could have a really perfect body!

Name: Cheetah
Age: 24
Surgery: Breast Surgery

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