[Short Diary] With My Beautiful Breast Live My Life To The Fullest

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짱이뻐! - With My Beautiful Breast Live My Life To The Fullest

Hello! This time I had breast surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea!
I'll write a review of my experience having breast surgery which is still fresh!! kkk

I don't know if it's because of my short hair and because I don't look that feminine~
But people sometimes mistaken me as a man! I'm a woman!!!
Well, my small breast was my complex but because of my small breast, I look more like a man.. and it makes me lost confidence as a woman ㅠ
So.. after a long thought, I decided to have breast surgery (boob job)!
I know it's a big surgery so I looked for this and that, read the reviews of the surgery and had consultations here and there..
Then a friend of mine said she will have surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea so I came together for the consultation, and I decided to do it at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea as well!

I wanted to choose the big size but if I did, it'll be too obvious that my breast is big suddenly.. so I really discussed about it a lot with the doctor.
The doctor said that it's better to choose the size which fits my body the most with beautiful shape instead of choosing 'big' size, so at the end I chose Teardrop Implant 350cc!

Few days left till the surgery... and I'm so nervous!!!

짱이뻐! - With My Beautiful Breast Live My Life To The Fullest

It's been a month since the breast surgery~
Should I say that it's my breast life shot...? hahaha now that my breast is big, seems like whatever I wear, I look sexy~ even when I only wear a tee, the breast line looks good!
And.. now I don't have to take painkiller anymore~~ I feel really good as that it doesn't hurt anymore!

I'm interested a lot in buying new underwear these days~
I bought and wear all underwear I wanted to buy so far and I'm very happy because of it.. ㅠ

My waist looks slim because my big breast.. so I use this chance to diet!
I'm happy to be a woman!

짱이뻐! - With My Beautiful Breast Live My Life To The Fullest

My friends are in a fuss while they see me, saying that I'm sexy!
But really, after the breast surgery, whatever I wear makes me looks sexy~~ kkkk
My friends said they want to have breast surgery as well so I recommended Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea~~
I can really feel it, that we have to do the surgery at the place we trust at.
After care treatment after the surgery is one of the most important thing, well, I have to say that I didn't think it's that important before I had surgery, but after the surgery, I'm thinking that I don't think I can do all the care that the hospital does for me to reduce pain, massage, treatment so no scar is left... 

Since I have to wear sport bra when I go outside, the underwear I bought only can be  worn at home.
I really want to go outside wearing beautiful underwear and tight clothes faster!
I know it's childish but.. it's what I wanted to do if I did breast surgery!!! Receiving envy looks from other women?

If you look at people story about surgery, they said that they're being confident and they're living day by day differently.. it really is! I don't know why, but I feel like I'm being more confident, and because the clothes line is different, I feel like I want to become slimmer so I did a diet. 
It makes me grow more~
I don't know if it's because of that but my friends, especially my male friends treat me more like a woman? haha
I know it's bad to judge by looking at appearance but it's even bad that I really didn't care about myself before.
Now that I'm growing myself and gain confidence, it's good to be beautiful person with beautiful appearance instead of person with beautiful appearance only right?
Thanks to Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea, with the beautiful breast, it's been settled on my mind! That I have to live my life to the fullest!

Name: Ms. Min
Surgery: Breast Surgery

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