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Filler and Botox are the most popular Korean anti-aging treatment but both has different function and both are totally different. If Botox's toxin blocks nerves from transferring to immobilize movement for certain period and sometimes used for reduction surgery (square jaw reduction, calf reduction, etc), Filler is the opposite. It fills the sunken area which appears because of deep wrinkles or aging, so it's used for augmentation surgery (nose extension, breast augmentation, chin augmentation, etc).

The raw material of Filler is hyaluronic acid which provides moisture and nourishment for skin so it's excellent for skin elasticity and moisturizing.  Hyaluronic acid itself is a natural moisturizing factor that provides moisture and nourishment for skin. If this acid is decreasing, then the elasticity and moisturizing in skin are also decreasing, that's why Filler is needed to increase the moisturizing and volume.

짱이뻐! - Korean Anti-Aging - Filler

In general, filler is used to replace natural substances in skin  (collagen, hyaluronic acid) lost due to aging. Besides, Filler can also be used to treat burnt scars, cell damage, deformed scars or birth defects, even deep acne scars. There are some types of Filler usually used, including Restylane, Juvederm, Dysport, and Radiesse. 

Restylane is a gel type of Filler that is easily absorbed within the body and is the first injection that have been approved by FDA. The effect of Filler type Restylane can last up for a year and additional treatments can be received for longer term effects. Restylane contains lidocaine (local anesthesia) which decreases the pain and discomfort. It is used to reduce wrinkles, elevate nose, expand lips, correct the sunken areas, correct body figure and improve wrinkles also volume.

짱이뻐! - Korean Anti-Aging - Filler

There are some types of Restylane Filler available at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea. These types are used customized for each area, to get more effective results. Restylane Vital injects small amounts of stabilized hyaluronic acid which restores the hydrobalance and improves skin structure. Restylane can be used to add volume and fullness to the skin, correcting facial wrinkles and folds, such as lines around eyes and glabella, also adding volume under eyes. Restylane Perlane particles are large and used to correct wrinkles on nose bridge, smile lines, deep wrinkles and lips. And Restylane SubQ has the largest particles which is used to add volume for forehead, sunken cheeks, cheekbones and front chin.

Another one, would be Juvederm. Juvederm is approved by FDA, proven to have effects lasting 12 months after 1 procedure only. Juvederm is a type of gel that absorbs throughout the body which helps with not only wrinkles but also elasticity and moist skin. Except for areas around eyes and glabella, Juvederm can be used for the other entire face. 

짱이뻐! - Korean Anti-Aging - Filler

Last is Artecoll. Artecoll is composed of PMMA (used for treating osteomyelitis and bone adhesion) and scleroprotein collagen. This Filler type, provides semi-permanent effect, unlike the previous Fillers that last only for short period of time. Artecoll is sometimes called by Artesense. It will be injected below the inner skin layer and above the fat layer, while the other Fillers are being injected below the outer skin layer. Artecoll Filler is the only semi-permanent Filler that have been sold for over 15 years and has been proven to have 10 years effect, which makes it more economical than other Fillers that has to be injected once every 6 months.

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