[Real Diary] Her C-Cup Story

4:54:00 PM

짱이뻐! - Her C-Cup Story

I made a huge decision after my mid-20s. I decided to love myself a bit more and receive Korean breast plastic surgery. I am more excited than I am nervous ^^ hehe

짱이뻐! - Her C-Cup Story

When I woke up, it felt hazy like I was in a dream. They told me it was because of the anesthetic gas still remaining in my lungs. It feels very stuffy with the compression band around me, but something felt huge. I took out the blood bag two days later and it felt much lighter. The swelling from my breasts came down to my stomach so I have a big belly now. I shall have to wait for the swelling to go down~

짱이뻐! - Her C-Cup Story

This is the longest I haven’t washed. I’m a dirty little girl~
But everything got a little better after I took off my support bra and changed into a sleeveless shirt. It’s still hard to get up but I am recovering quickly ^^

짱이뻐! - Her C-Cup Story

I tried wearing my old bra. It was big for me before the surgery but now, it can’t even cover my breasts. I laughed by myself for a good minute two hahaha

짱이뻐! - Her C-Cup Story

Today is the day I go to the studio for a shoot. I look pretty even with a simple shirt on, and my friends are so envious of me because my waist looks slim. I am enjoying every single day~

짱이뻐! - Her C-Cup Story

I had a wonderful shoot today. They made me look all pretty with make-up and the pictures came out very nicely ^^

짱이뻐! - Her C-Cup Story

It’s already been 5 months. I am late writing my diary ㅠㅠ
After I came back from the pool, I really felt happy about my Korean breast plastic surgery.
My boyfriend was also happy that I was happy in my new bikini. 
I used to hide behind the life vest.. but I had so much fun! 

짱이뻐! - Her C-Cup Story

I can’t believe 6 months already passed since the Korean celebrities breast plastic surgery!
My breasts feel wonderful and they look so natural when I lay down. 
The scars look like small wrinkles now and I feel like I already forgot that I had surgery. 
People say breast plastic surgery gives the most satisfaction, and it is so true.
I’m so happy that I can’t remember the pain I went through after the best breast plastic surgery and I will always take care of my breasts well. 

Name: Jessica
Age: 24
Surgery: Breast Surgery

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  1. It looks natural and the shape is pretty, isnt it? and the girl is pretty as well :3
    Does Wonjin have clinics in Indonesia?

    1. Unfortunately, for now we have no clinics in Indonesia yet but if you're interested in getting in touch with us and ask for more details, you can visit us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/parkwonjin33 or add our BBM 56003578, as well as joining the consultation at http://goo.gl/35PqfQ thank you :)

  2. Replies
    1. Under the armpits, which is usually called as transaxillary; usually chosen to avoid scars around the breast and the damage of mammary glandular tissue (milk duct) so breast-feeding after the surgery is possible ^^