[Real Diary] Wonderful Korean Eye Plastic Surgery Golden Ratio

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짱이뻐! - Wonderful Korean Eye Plastic Surgery Golden Ratio

Hello, everyone! Thank you for reading my diary! My name is Cheryl Tan, 33, and working as a freelancer interior designer. I always designed people’s home interior and this time, Wonjin Plastic Surgery is designing my face! I’m so excited to have the operation and I am sure Wonjin will do an amazing job because I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about Wonjin! I came to Korea on November 8th, 2014 and had a consultation with foreign patient coordinator Jenny, consultant, and double eyelid specialist and Korean rhinoplasty specialist. During the consultation, I found out that I can also do the dimple surgery, so I said why not? My surgery date is on November 9th at 9:30am. I’m so happy to say goodbye to my sleepy eyes and big nose. I will not miss them at all lol. I’ll see you again with my new eyes and nose!! Thank you!

짱이뻐! - Wonderful Korean Eye Plastic Surgery Golden Ratio

Today is the dressing day for the stitches on my eyes, nose, and dimples. I felt little pain when I had the dressing for my eyes, but it was manageable. The dimples didn’t hurt at all! The best part was the nose! It was fantastic I tell you!! The nurse took out the cotton ball and the length of it was 3.5cm!! Now, I can finally breathe. My eye doctor told me everything went so well and I am satisfied with the result too. My eyes became so much bigger and wider. Thank you doctors! I’m going to take out the splint for my nose on Saturday and have another follow up for my nose and dimples. I had a swelling treatment as a service and it really helped me! I can’t wait to enjoy my new look!

짱이뻐! - Wonderful Korean Eye Plastic Surgery Golden Ratio

Today is the 7th day from my operation day. I can’t wait to see how my nose will look on me after I take the splint off! The nurse took off the splint on my nose first and the stitches were out on my nose and eyes. The stitch-out on my inner eye was most painful. I was a bit surprised that I still have a swelling on my nose when she took out the splint. I looked like one of the characters from a movie Avatar. The Korean Rhinoplasty specialist surgeon told me that the swelling from the surgery is normal and it will subside gradually. I need to be patient and wait!

짱이뻐! - Wonderful Korean Eye Plastic Surgery Golden Ratio

Today is 14th day from my operation day.
I used to have rhinitis since I was a child and I was suffering from headache, pain inside nose, and runny nose. Few years earlier, I visited a doctor in Singapore and he told me that my respiratory tract narrowed down due to the swollen inner nasal bone. So, the doctor at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea recommended me Korean Rhinoplasty so I can breathe easily.

I have decided to have the Korean plastic surgery done at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea because I heard good stories about cosmetic surgery in Korea. I’ve always wanted to have small and cute nose. The result of the surgery was better than my expectation! And Rhinitis that always tortured me was gone too! I have no problem breathing now. Everything seems so well until now. The size of my nose got smaller compared to the on before the surgery but I think it will get even smaller after the swelling is gone completely.

짱이뻐! - Wonderful Korean Eye Plastic Surgery Golden Ratio

It is now one month since the surgery. Friends and family members are saying that I am getting prettier event though the swelling have not gone down fully. I too feel that I am getting prettier and I am feeling good.

There is still a little swelling on my nose now and I could see that my nose is not too straight, guess it’s mainly deal to the swelling. Similarly, my both eyes are not of the same size but the difference is not very obvious. The staff from Wonjin (Jenny) have informed me that its normal to have these problems now as the swelling is still there. I will just have to be patient and wait for 6 months. I feel that people from our age group (30+) should undergo some sort of surgery as our skin condition will start to go sagging, in future as I reach another age band I will return to Wonjin for my V-lifting.

** I would like to share this based on my experience as a foreigner when I was in Korea doing my surgery at Wonjin. The service provided had being excellent and right now even though after returning home (Singapore), I still constantly message and ask questions with the staff (Jenny) there and Jenny had not failed to reply me since. So this is a form of assurance to foreigners who are considering having their surgery done in Korea, Wonjin Plastic Surgery would be a safe choice, and just to add, I am rather impressed by the fact that they even made an effort to have a foreigners counter to serve people from different countries.

Thank you to Jenny for the excellent service.

짱이뻐! - Wonderful Korean Eye Plastic Surgery Golden Ratio

Hello everyone!
Time surely flies and now I am getting used to my new small and cute nose day by day!
I love my new look and am totally satisfied! Thank you everyone who helped me to go through the surgery and recovery!

Name: Cheryl Tan
Age: 33
Surgery: Eye Surgery, Rhinoplasty

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