[Get to Know] Korean Eye Plastic Surgery - Love Band

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Love Band is not the same as Eye Bag. If having eye bag makes you look unhealthy and older, love band would make you look younger even cuter than your actual age. Love band, is also called by 애교살 (Aegyo Sal), whereas Aegyo means Cute, and Sal means Fat, so basically Love Band is a cute fat, under your eyes.

To be exact, love band is a plump areas under eyes which can give a cute and youthul look into your face. Many foreign tourists come to Korea to have this Korean eye plastic surgery procedure to get this love band, just like their favorite Korean celebrities. Although love band is small, it can brighten your entire facial appearance, that's why a well-experienced surgeon is required to design it matching to your unique features and get your satisfactory result. And Korean eye plastic surgery specialized clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery, is here to help you to have them through filler or injection.

짱이뻐! - Korean Eye Plastic Surgery - Love Band

There are two methods to have this love band surgery at Korean eye plastic surgery specialized clinic, Wonjin; first is using a filler injection. Using a filler injection is easy, leaves no scar and allows you to return to your daily activity instantly. If you are not satisfied with the result of filler injection, you can reverse the effects using a counteragent. The love band made through this method will last at least up to 1 year. The second one is pure fat injection where you will use your own fat that has been purified. This will create a similar effect with the filler injection. Love band made through this method also will last for about 1 year.

Love band procedure at Wonjin, Korean eye plastic surgery specialized clinic, is appropriate for those who wish to appear younger through a simple procedure. It will take 10 minutes only for filler injection and 30 minutes for pure fat injection. Little amount of time and you will be able to see the result immediately. Also recommended for people who have sunken area under their eyes which makes you look older, it can help you look younger! The wrinkles under eyes also can be reduced through this treatment.

Fat filling surgery is rather simple, but under eye could become bulgy or the fats could be easily absorbed if the fats are injected into the skin as common fat filling methods. At Korean eye plastic surgery specialized clinic, Wonjin, side effects mostly don’t occur as the fats are filled from the deep skin and the reposition of tissues strongly grabs them. In addition, fats from the eye sides are used because they are most similar to the under eye tissues to create more natural and elastic eyes. Although love band filler is simply done within 10 minutes, a slight difference of volumes may change the impression. This is why the surgeon’s experience and skill are very important. A cute and natural impression can be created in Wonjin as the skillful surgeon not only fills up the procedure part but also design in detail and raise the volume carefully as if he is correcting the eye shape.

Love band surgery procedure:

짱이뻐! - Korean Eye Plastic Surgery - Love Band
Anesthesia after cleansing
After cleansing the treatment area Topical/Local anesthesia will numb the area.

Filler or Fat Injection
The patient’s desired thickness, eye shape, and under eye line will be given volume
짱이뻐! - Korean Eye Plastic Surgery - Love Band
The treatment time is around 10 minutes and you can see the results immediately.

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