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A beautiful nose is not just high, but the line from the forehead, nose, lips to the chin also should be considered and look natural when viewed from the side. The best Korean rhinoplasty clinic surgery, Wonjin, is not only considering the shape of the nose but the functional as well so the treatment from Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Center is important. If Korean double eyelid surgery is the most popular procedure, then we can say that this nose surgery is the second one.

짱이뻐! - Korean Rhinoplasty - Dorsal Augmentation짱이뻐! - Korean Rhinoplasty - Dorsal Augmentation짱이뻐! - Korean Rhinoplasty - Dorsal Augmentation

With 'One Stop Facilities & Service' as slogan, the best Korean rhinoplasty clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea has a lot of rhinoplasty (nose job/nose surgery) which is can be chosen depends on your needs or wants. There are Nose Tip Correction and Blunt Tip Correction for those with nose tip complex, Curved Nose Surgery also available together with Nose Revision to fix uneven nose. Nostril Reduction and Wide Nose Bridge Surgery are done for those who want to have a pointed nose and both Dorsal Augmentation and Nose Extension to raise your nose bridge.

Basically what we call as nose surgery in common is actually this Korean rhinoplasty procedure called Dorsal Augmentation. Whereas the procedure is about inserting a designed implant, raising the nose bridge, and adding a cartilage to the nose tip as people would prefer a pointed sharp nose than ever. Yeah, it's true that back in the past, a Western sharp nose was preferred but nowadays people would care about the proportion of their face, isn't it? As the best Korean rhinoplasty clinic, Wonjin will focus even more to present the best service with every little details and a nose that is in harmony with the face in total. 

짱이뻐! - Korean Rhinoplasty - Dorsal Augmentation

Why would they do the best Korean rhinoplasty? As can be seen on the photo, dorsal augmentation is not only about raising the nose bridge but also creating the beauty of the nose line which is important as the nose is the center of the face. The implant used for this nose surgery also designed for each patients, considering their nose condition and what they want, as natural as possible and of course with a safe silicon that has been approved by FDA. This also makes it has less side effect after the surgery, as post-surgery treatments will be given as well.

짱이뻐! - Korean Rhinoplasty - Dorsal Augmentation

Wonjin Plastic Surgery performing the best Korean rhinoplasty by raising the bridge of the nose using an individually designed implant, also giving a natural line to the nose tip using the cartilage. The method starts with deciding and designing implants, based on the patients' needs so it will be different with one another. They will also need to decide the cartilages that will be inserted to the nose tip. Then the incision point is made. The designed implant then will be carefully inserted into the nose bridge. Once the nose bridge is inserted by the implant, now time to complete the nose shape with the cartilages prepared before, it will be inserted to the nose tip then covered with fascia. This prevents the skin from becoming thinner or becoming red. The nose tip is raised slightly higher than the bridge to create a beautiful side and frontal profile..

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