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To give you a small facial outline, we have all kinds of jaw surgery, face contour, maxillofacial surgery, cheekbone reduction, chin surgery, jawline reduction, jaw lines, and square jaw reduction. Wonjin Beauty Medical Group provides high quality jaw surgery using the finest technique to make your dreams come true. We posted a lot of stories of those who had Korean face contouring surgery actually, and the most popular one beside the Korean two jaw surgery is Cheekbone Reduction. But there are another procedures beside the twos for sure. There are Forehead Augmentation, Chin Surgery, Square Jaw Reduction, even Jaw Revision, and Corrective Orthodontics after surgery also categorized as Korean face contour. One of the most important procedure to create a V-line shaped face is Chin Surgery.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery's Chin Surgery corrects an over or under bite by decreasing or in contrast, extending the chin length while the jaw surgery is about moving the jaws forward and backward. The two surgeries can be combined together to create better result for Korean face contouring. In this case, Wonjin uses implant insertion or fat grafting and chin reduction.The shape of our front chin determines the overall face look. A Korean face contouring surgery effect will be gained with just a front chin surgery. The face may look big and angular if the front chin is wide and blunt. Wide front chin is cut into a T-shape in this case to form a slimmer and classy V-lined face.

Chin surgery itself is appropriate for those who:
1. Has short chin / retreated chin / receding chin
2. Has a small chin
3. Has an excessively developed chin
4. Has an unbalanced facial contour
5. Dissatisfied with current facial contour

But, will there any wrinkles or lumps after the chin surgery? No need to worry about these, the surgeon of Korean face contouring specialized hospital, Wonjin, had carried out the surgery in a precise manner. Lump or wrinkles may appear sometimes after a front chin surgery. This is a side effects resulted by an inexperienced surgeon. When the front chin is fractured, the muscles around will also be cut together. At this point, Wonjin accurately rearrange not only the bones but the muscles together to form a smooth and well padded front chin without any wrinkles.

Retreated ChinChin Advancement

Fracture part of front chin move the fractured site forward 2-3cm

Implant Insertion

Fascia from the front chin is removed and implant inserted

Long ChinChin Reduction

End of the chin is incised 2-3cm, removed, and sutured

Short ChinFront Chin Bone Grafting

Incised square jawbone part is inserted into the fractured frontal chin

Wide ChinT Osteotomy

Fracture front chin into “T” shape, to reduce both width and length of the chin

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