[Real Diary] I'm Not Looking for a Drastic Change

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짱이뻐! - I'm Not Looking for a Drastic Change

It has been a real nerve wrecking journey but well, beauty always comes at a price and I suppose I’m paying for it!

I’ve always been bothered by my uneven eyelids and wide alars.
It’s not something that actually affects me every now and then but it’s the mere aesthetics that irks me.
I’ve always been researching on ways, on how I can improve my looks as I want to look better.

I feel that I’ve never been a person who’s confident of myself and I think that by enhancing my looks, I’ll be able to not only look better, but also feel more confident deep down.

짱이뻐! - I'm Not Looking for a Drastic Change

I’m not looking for a drastic change, but a subtle and natural enhancement. 
After consulting with Lira and Stephanie from Wonjin’s Global Biz Department, I booked my plane tickets and went ahead with my consultation/surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea.

I arrived at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group at the morning and was promptly greeted by the professional and kind staff there.
From there on, I was guided along this journey by Lira, one of the staff for the Wonjin Global Biz team and also my coordinator that day. (P/S LIRA IS GORGEOUS!)

I’ve to admit, Wonjin Beauty Clinic was really well furnished and the whole place looks really posh, clean and luxurious.
Though I was there early (at 10am) that day, there was a ready crowd waiting for their consultations/plastic surgery procedures to be done.

According to Lira, there was roughly over 100+ people undergoing plastic surgery every day at Wonjin as the Korean holiday just ended!!

After a tour around the place, the nurses there did a quick and painless body check up on me (blood test, heart beat test etc.) and I was lead to the consultation room afterwards. There, I took a quick glance at their portfolio and was amazed by their before-after photos!!

After a while, one of the head consultants, Riley came in to the room and suggested a couple of methods and procedures for me to undergo. I had fun talking to her and listening to her words.

After the consultation, I was led to the room where the FOUNDER of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, Mr. Park Won Jin was!!!
He gave me suggestions on how I can improve my looks, was very responsive, caring and was overall a very professional and nice person.
After the consultation was done, I was prepped and ready for the surgery! We did the final preparations like the pre-surgery photo shoots and more beforehand!

While I was going for the pre-surgery photo shoot, I walked past Wonjin’s “ Hall of Fame “. 
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has a whole lot of celebrities, actresses and actors under their name and I was star strucked and amazed at the same time! HOW CAN WONJIN BE SO AMAZING!!!
Everything was really fast paced that day!
Shortly after, I parted ways with Lira and was directed to the surgery room.

All in all, I am really satisfied with the service and efficiency of Wonjin Beauty Group.
Not only that I felt concerned and care, everyone was really responsive and nice!!
The Doctors there pay attention to your likes and dislikes and everyone there made sure that I was comfortable with my stay there.

I would also like to give a shout out to Lira for the hard work and time she has spent helping me throughout this journey, be it coordinating and guiding me throughout the consultations, to sending me off in a taxi after the surgery to taking care of me . Thank you so much!! T_T

짱이뻐! - I'm Not Looking for a Drastic Change


Surgery has been successfully completed. This is a picture taken in the recovery room. It was kind of hard to breathe since my nose was covered. Also, I was not familiar with breathing through my mouth only.

짱이뻐! - I'm Not Looking for a Drastic Change

짱이뻐! - I'm Not Looking for a Drastic Change

Name: Tyler
Age: 21
Surgery: Eye Surgery, Rhinoplasty


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