[Get to Know] Korean Breast Plastic Surgery - Mentor Memory Gel Implant

7:43:00 AM

Mentor Memory Gel Breast Implants for Korean breast surgery are precise filling technology that adjusts the amount of silicone gel to give a natural shape to the individual's body shape and taste with a soft touch.

It is better to have surgery if you want to feel naturalness to the movement of touch and shape, if you need reconstructive surgery due to surgery side effects, or if you are suffering from rectal constriction. 

Mentor Memory Gel Breast Implants for Korean breast surgery features are smooth type and stable micro texture type. Smooth type is smooth surface, movement and texture after the procedure is natural. The micro-textured surface is uniform and micro-textured, allowing stable positioning after the procedure.

Mentor Memory Gel Breast Implants are available with either a textured or smooth surface shell. They come in a wide range of sizes and profiles to fit your body. And they are the only silicone breast implants that are made in America.

Mentor Memory Gel Breast Implants contain the latest generation of silicone. They are prefilled with Mentor’s uniquely formulated silicone gel. This gel is not like a liquid or a semi-liquid. Instead, it is a cohesive gel that holds safely and uniformly together to deliver a natural feel that closely resembles breast tissue.

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