[Get to Know] Korean Face Contouring - Paranasal Augmentation

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Paranasal augmentation is a surgical method to redress skeletal nasolabial fold (smile line) depression through various ways. It is widely known as ‘Pyriform Surgery’ which rejuvenates old-looking face by giving volume on sunken nasolabial folds.

This Korean face contouring surgery is recommended to those who: have sunken nasolabial folds beside the nostrils, look old due to deep nasolabial folds, also have relatively protruded mouth due to wrinkles around mouth and smile line.

Surgical Methods of Paranasal Augmentation:

1. Implant Insertion
Implant insertion is the fundamental method which enhances volume on the nasolabial folds. Incisions are made on the intra-oral areas and the materials frequently used are Silicone, Goretex and Alloderm etc. Custom-made implants does not only result to natural surgery outcomes, but they also could be easily removed in case of revision surgeries.

Wonjin's know-hows of Implant Insertion 
- 1:1 custom-made implant Wonjin analyzes the overall facial ratio and the bone structure before customizing the implant. Custom-made implants can prevent implant dislocation and can result to a more natural impression. 
- Attached deeply inside the skin For natural volume, the implant must be inserted deep inside the skin layer. Wonjin accurately measures the skin thickness to fixate the implant deep inside and therefore, natural volume and shape can be achieved. 
- Fixation on 3 sites Previous pyriform surgery fixated only 2 sites of the implant, which increased the possibility of implant dislocation. Wonjin fixates the 3 sites of the implant to reduce such detachments.

2. Fat Grafting
This is a method wherein fats are extracted from other parts of the body such as thighs, buttocks abdomen areas, and engrafted on sunken facial areas. As fats are autologous, the possibility of complication is remarkably low. Once the fat is engrafted, the result is semi-permanent and you can have another procedures done if you think you need more volume. The recovery is quick and there is no scar left as it will be injected through fine syringe.

Autologous Fat Grafting Surgery Method 
- Fat extraction 
The fat will be collected from abdomen or thigh with small cannula. The amount of the fat extracted is not a lot so it won’t change the size of extracted area. 
- Centrifugation
The extracted fat will be centrifuged through centrifugal separator. This procedure just collects pure fats by removing dirty fats, wastes and other impurities. 
- Fat injection 
The collected pure fat will be injected to the area where the volume needs. It will be injected little by little under the skin layer and muscle to make natural looking.

3. Filler Injection
Filler injection is recommended in case of minor cases. It does not require a long recovery time as it does not have severe swelling, bruising and scar, and immediate return to daily activities is allowed.

The Advantages of Filler Injection 
- Satisfying result without surgery 
- Immediate effect after the treatment 
- Using Filler approved by FDA in USA 
- Invisible scar by using fine needle for injection

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