[Talk to WONJIN] Korea Eye Plastic Surgery For Sleepy Eyes?

8:06:00 AM


I’m a junior high school student. All my friends are showing their interests in Korea plastic surgery, so do I. They mostly do Korea eye plastic surgery, especially double eyelid surgery, because they have mono eyelid. For my case, I do have inner eyelid, but I also have sleepy eyes. Can you tell me what should I do?


First, this kind of problem can be solved at Wonjin Plastic Surgery. Inner eyelid sometimes cannot be seen if you take a picture. And the point here is to let the double eyelid out. It is same with her friends who think about double eyelid surgery.

If the eyes are small, then double eyelid surgery is the right solution for Korea eye plastic surgery. It is also important to make a balance with the whole face, so it will lead you to the natural double eyelid.

The other important thing to be considered is the time. It would be better to take it as soon as possible before the high school start.

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