[Talk to WONJIN] Korea Eye Plastic Surgery For Cockle Eyes

7:15:00 AM


I have cockle eyes. I have heard about Korea eye plastic surgery called Lateral Canthoplasty, but everyone says that even the surgery won’t have any effect for my eyes, that my eyes would still looks like this. Is it even true?


Eyes just like a window. There are small windows as well as big windows. All that we can control is the curtain size. For cockle eyes, if you only do one type of Korea eye plastic surgery, it will be no efficiency.

The best thing to be done is a canthoplasty in front (Epicanthoplasty) and back (Lateral Canthoplasty) side of eyes together. And if you want to have better result, you might want to combine it with Ptosis Correction as well. With the combination of those Korea eye plastic surgery at once, you would have a better sight. It would give you big differences before and after.

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