[Get To Know] Korean Eye Plastic Surgery - Complex Double Suture Method

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짱이뻐! - Korean Eye Plastic Surgery  - Complex Double Suture Method

Exclusive system, exclusive double eyelid surgery from Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, which is part of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, called by Complex Double Suture Method. Unlike simple non-incisional suture for double eyelid surgery which makes line with strength of thread only, this exclusive Complex Double Suture Method allows natural adhesion between skin and muscle by strong W-line sutures thus leads into a natural looking also brightened eyes as the final result.

Non-Incision method of double eyelid surgery at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, is perfect for those who want a natural double eyelid but afraid of incision. Just like regular non-incision method you can also minimize scars and swelling so you can return to your daily activity as soon as possible. People with think eyelid skin with almost no sagging is recommended to do double eyelid surgery with this method. 

The exclusive and special surgical method by Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is used to complement the weakness of original suture method that can become undone when one suture is loosen. This Complex Double Suture Method surgery not only induces natural adhesion of surrounding tissues, but also helps you to achieve natural and brightening eyes with strong W-line sutures. 

짱이뻐! - Korean Eye Plastic Surgery  - Complex Double Suture Method 짱이뻐! - Korean Eye Plastic Surgery  - Complex Double Suture Method

Thorough consultation with the specialist and the experienced surgeon to find the best and the most suitable surgical method, based on the result of examination, and your eyes condition (muscle, fat, etc). Then the surgeon will design and punch small holes on eyelids. W-line suturing will be sutured on the eyelid to induce natural adhesion among tissues. And as a result, natural double eyelid and brighter also bigger eyes without scar is done.

Talking about the advantages, Complex Double Suture Method at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is using a combination of suture and natural adhesion method, which allows to create more natural looking eyes. Though the surgery and recovery period is short, the method prevents the loosening of double eyelid lines well. And the minimum tissue damage is the reason why with this method, you can return to daily activities soon. 

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group's Complex Double Suture Method is almost suitable for all types of eyes, unlike the original suture method which only for people with thin eyelid. Original simple suture method also has a chance of loosening after some time since the double eyelid line is maintained by thread. But with Complex Double Suture Method at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, it makes a strong W-line suture outside and it holds the tissue from inside which resulting a very low chance of loosening.

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