Korea Plastic Surgery's TMI #2

7:30:00 AM

Topic: What To Prepare For Korean Plastic Surgery's Consultation

There are too many plastic surgery clinic in South Korea, even overseas, so we really need to be picky when choosing the clinic. First, we might have to ask if we can do the reservation through a phone call, and wondering how we can be connected to the best plastic surgeon. 

BUT! It's all on the past! Most of young people are bothered to do reservation through phone. They mostly ask for a reservation through messenger like LINE, Kakao Talk, or other application. Then through the messenger, we can also do a basic Q&A, as the consultant usually ask us what kind of surgery we want to do.

At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea, the consultant has many years of experience already (this is the real TMI but the youngest consultant has been there for 8 years!). So, they already know the surgeon's style already. If the patients, are high- class, then they will match it with the best plastic surgeon with high-class as well.

The patient usually talk to the consultant first before meeting the plastic surgeon. Later when finally meeting the plastic surgeon, we often get nervous and finally forget what we actually want to ask about Korea plastic surgery.

Actually we can also write it down on a note or phone. Both the consultant and the plastic surgeon will answer it one by one. We can also bring celebrities photo as a reference but make sure it represents your desired result. Don't bring many photos but they all have different style, because it will make us even more confused.

Also you can come for consultation wearing make up or contact lens, but don't wear eyelid tape or eyelid glue. It's so sticky and might be a problem while designing the eyelid during the consultation. So just come with bare eyes, especially if you want to do eye plastic surgery.

Find more videos about Korea eye plastic surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery’s official youtube channel!

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