[Talk to WONJIN] Korea Breast Surgery: 2019 Incision & Size Trend

7:18:00 AM


I'm an employee and have interest about Korea breast surgery. I'm curious about the incision sites. Personally I think the armpit incision is the best one because it's not so obvious. But I heard that a lot of people are doing under breast line incision recently. What's the different between two? And the advantages and disadvantages of both incision sites?


First, here is the difference between two incision sites of Korea breast surgery. Of course the location of the scar is different. Armpit incision was the best incision site 10 to 20 years ago because of its unseen location rather than under breast line. 

The reason why people are having under breast line incision recently is because the ideal breast size nowadays is bigger than 10 years ago. If you want bigger implant, it's hard to do it by armpit incision. More detailed location can be obtained through under breast line incision.

Armpit incision is too far from breast, so it will need endoscope to do the incision. And it will take more time to do Korea breast surgery with the endoscope. 

So, it means bigger size can't be done through armpit incision? If you're too burdened with under breast line incision, you still can do it through armpit incision. There are also some cases where the patient change their mind after the consultation. When we show them the picture of under breast line incision, they think that it will be okay so they changed into under breast line incision.

The scars under breast line won't be seen so obvious either. There is sometimes that scars are seen but when it's covered, you don't have to worry. There is also red scars and opened scars, in that case, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea has post care treatment after Korea breast surgery.

There are laser treatment, and scar injection if needed. And when you do the post care treatment, the scar won't be seen anymore. 

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