[Real Diary] Wonjin Dream Makes My Dream Comes True

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I applied for the Wonjin dreams after seeing the original post in their Instagram. As WONJIN is such a famous place with such a good reputation, I was sure many people would apply and wouldn't be selected, however I decided to apply anyway!! 
I had changed my eating lifestyle and finally gotten closer to my body goal, but my breasts got so small and sad in the process and I really wanted to do something about it.

One month later, I was so happy when I got a message from WONJIN about my acceptance! Apart from my breasts, Wonjin offered to do a nose surgery to straighten my deviated septum and remove a small bump from my nose, and I was so pleased!
 I had always not liked my crooked nose in photos but never really thought that there was anyone I could do to fix it.

After making all the plans with the help of Roseann, tomorrow I am finally going to Korea for my surgeries with Wonjin beauty medical. I'm really excited and a little nervous!! Wish me luck!


Day one was mostly sleeping because my eyes were swollen and it was hard to see my phone. I had ice packs on and off most of the day and just rested. 
The pain was okay but the hardest thing was breathing from my mouth.
As my nose is blocked I need to breathe from my mouth all the time and it's so dry. 
I went for a checkup in the afternoon and had a medical bra put on but can't look down because of my nose so I still haven't seen my boobs!!
The lovely Nose Doctor changed my splint and pulled the gauze from my nose. 
Translator was there with me the whole time. I am so happy with the emotional support from Roseann and Hanna from Wonjin during the whole process♥
The breast pain isn't that bad just feel like I had intense exercise.
I'll try and take a photo soon!


It's been two weeks since my surgery with Wonjin in Korea! 10 days in Seoul were so quick and feels like a dream now.

After flying back to Japan my nose swelling is going down a little but every day! I'm so impressed with Dr mins work on my nose. He has then hands of a god!!! Haha
I have had no pain in my nose, just a numb feeling in the tip and a feeling of dryness inside. That's it!

As for my boobies, I've been wearing a wide compression band when I sleep for one more week. 
From today onwards I will wear a thin band on top of the breasts to help the implants to settle down to a lower position.
I've also been good in taking medicine and doing lots of walking because we can't exercise at a gym now.

It felt strange wearing some of my clothes again because the same outfits suddenly looked so sexy ???? hehe

The breasts are not painful at all, I'm just sure not to do any strenuous activities. 
The shape is slowly becoming more natural and over time the breast fold will fully hide the implants incision scar so I'm really happy. 
I'm also impressed how clean my scars are! I saw many scars from patients at other clinics overseas and they are so messy looking.

I'm so happy with everything Wonjin has done for me!


It's already been one month since I had my surgeries!! Time went so fast. As time goes on the pressure and swelling in my nose has gone down.
It's nice to see it looking better everyday. The tip is still numb but the scar has cleared so nice and the scar is so well closed I think after time it will really be invisible.
I can now hide the swelling with some contour powder so no one has noticed the change in my face!!
  I'm so lucky that Roseann at WONJIN is always in contact with me when I need help. I'm still so happy with the aftercare that WONJIN provides.

I'm still getting used to my new breast size, and can't wait to sleep on my side again!!
 I had to give away many cute bras because they are too small for me now hahaha 
it's a bitter sweet moment because even though I wanted to change my breast size, I really liked the bras.

As summer is coming I'm getting excited to see how I look in clothes with these new boobies!! Hehehe


It's been 2 months already after the surgery.
My breast is healed really well. 
There is a bit of redness on scar area but it looks really clean.
And I really love the shape of my new boob :)
My nose is still swollen but it is getting better and better everyday.
I really want to see my nose without the swelling!!


It's been three months since my surgery!

It been so quick! I'm still so surprised about how quickly you get used to change in your appearance. Hahaha
My nose is a bit swollen and changes a lot. It looks better every day!!!
My breasts are also good!! I can't wait for them to get softer and feel more natural!!!
Whenever I had a question the doctors and staff at Wonjin always help me and I'm so happy that I chose them.
I don't think any other hospitals have such dedicated aftercare. 

Name: Almer
Age: 25
Surgery: Rhinoplasty, Breast Plastic Surgery

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