[Real Diary] Excited Yet Nervous For Korean Rhinoplasty

7:34:00 AM


At first I was nervous and now I am more excited, 
Wonjin staff was so kind and had great customer service so I felt really comfortable and there were no difficulties to have consultation with consultant and doctor.
I'm excited to see my new look, I can't wait for the surgery for my Korean rhinoplasty! 


I had my first treatment today after Korean rhinoplasty, it was a interesting experience, there was no pain just a little discomfort. 
The doctor removed the Nasal packing so I feel better. 
My nose was also cleaned today so that was good! I can't wait for the 2nd treatment and to a great recovery. 


I just got done with my 7 day treatment, the doctor took off my nose cast it looks really good; it will still be a little swollen for a year. 
I can breathe much better through my nose, and everything looks smooth. 
I was a little nervous when I got my stitches done, but the staff was really helpful! 
I can't wait for the next treatment I'm excited!


Got done with my final treatment of Korean rhinoplasty, I am breathing much better now from my nose! 
It looks smoother and the doctor made it more higher everything looks nice!
I can't wait to show my friends and be back playing soccer. 


I'm now back in Las Vegas my nose looks good it's healing really nice; the doctor did a great job! My friends saw my nose after Korean rhinoplasty for the first time and they like the new look. 
It looks much better now I have more confidence and also my family saw my nose and love how smooth and higher my nose looks.


My nose is looking really great everyday it's getting more redefined, the healing is getting much more better I'm excited for the final look. 
When I go out with friends to hang out everyone gives me compliments on my nose, really exciting! 
I really like how the doctor raised the nose perfectly and it made my nose very redefined and nice. 


My breathing has improved so much, I'm so grateful to Wonjin for everything!
My confidence has improved outside and while taking photos, 
I always look in the mirror at my nose and am so happy.
especially since it's summer now and since my breathing has improved, I can run more when playing sports during the heat.

Name: Almer
Age: 25
Surgery: Rhinoplasty

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