[Talk to WONJIN] Puppy Eyes vs Cat Eyes

7:18:00 AM


I'm 20 years old woman with a very pure image. But I have too droopy eye tails compared to other people. It makes people make fun of me and look down at me. It gives me stress a lot. I tried using lifting tape. It's a total failure because it looks so unnatural. Is there any ways to change my puppy eyes into cat eyes?


When the eye tails are too droopy, they can be look like that. For the solution of this situation, let's think like this. That cute looks, came from the droopy eyes. 

There are two ways to overcome this. Through the double eyelid surgery, we can treat the droopy eye. We can change the eye shape. Then through Canthoplasty, we can change the length. There are various method of Korea eye plastic surgery, so do not worry about that. 

There is also a benefit about having a pure image but sometimes people like to get more charisma from a sharp eye sight. Canthoplasty itself is really powerful to change your impression. But combining it with double eyelid surgery surely will give you a better result and make your eyes prettier.

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