[Talk To WONJIN] Wonjin Teach You How To Be Pretty in Monolid

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I’m a girl with monolid (single eyelid). I never want to create double eyelid but people around me keep interfere me with Korea eye plastic surgery especially ptosis eye correction. And because of that, I became stressed recently. I want to keep my monolid though. Is it possible to get ptosis eye correction without have to create double eyelid?


This is one of special case, as people are usually looking for double eyelid when it comes to Korea eye plastic surgery, but she wants to keep her monolid. Double eyelid is pretty and when you wear eyeliner, it won’t spread off. But of course not all people like double eyelid.

And yes, it’s possible to do ONLY ptosis eye correction without creating double eyelid. But there is something you should know first. To make stronger eyelid, there will be droopy skin. You’ll get bigger eye, but the skin will be droopy, and it won’t be pretty.

The solution is, to create an INNER EYELID. It would make the droopy skin disappear, but doesn’t create double eyelid. And actually there are a lot of Korean celebrities are having this inner eyelid instead of double eyelid as well.

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