[Q&A] Korea Face Contouring #5

3:54:00 PM

Sometimes when you think of plastic surgery, you would also thinking about the possibility of revision surgery in the future. What if you're not satisfied with the result. Will you be able to re-do it again later? And the answer is definitely yes.

Same thing applies for Korea face contouring. Of course it's possible to do revision surgery after the first surgery. But you have to pay attention to the right time to do it. The right time to do the revision surgery is when the scar is healed.

Normally, people would do revision surgery for Korea face contouring after 6 months passed from the first surgery. And one thing should be paid attention is that you should consult about it with the professional surgeon first, for the best result.

Sometimes people are doing revision because they're not satisfied with the result of Korea face contouring, but for other case, revision surgery can be done for a better result of overall faces, not only about satisfaction. 

Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/uZ5Pd6_2HwM

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