[Real Diary] Live My New Life After Korea Face Contouring Surgery

3:03:00 PM


Tomorrow is the day I was waiting for 
Korea face contouring surgery~!
It was hard to come and ride the train to Seoul from Daegu in the early morning to go Wonjin Plastic Surgery Center.
I think hot weather made me harder.
Now sleep one more night and do the surgery, but I am worried fasting makes me to lose more weight. I am currently 40kg.
I hope it severs as a good night’s sleep today and having success on my operation with good condition. Let’s go for it!


It’s awful hot today. I have to wear bandage during the day time until tomorrow, but it was very hard because of the hot weather. I have bandages on my jaw and chin right now. I wonder how my jaw line changed, but I have to wait.

Yesterday, I even dreamt about my slender jaw line, it was very pretty. It was just a dream, but I feel good! I hope its prophetic dream.. My obsession towards my chin has made me dream about it…?

I will see you the day after tomorrow, so I just need to be patient haha


I am going up to Seoul today~ I already packed my luggage yesterday..
I just had a shower and washed my hair without any inconvenience. I can see the yellow bruises under my eyes, I am gonna put on BB cream and go to Wonjin Plastic Surgery Center!
I arrived at Wonjin and I have to inject a shot to reduce the swelling today. They injected shots on my cheeks, and it stung, but it’s effect very well.
Also, I removed stitches around my cheekbone and it was not hurt at all. Currently, my face is just that looked like person who has a fat face.


I look like someone else. I hope my swelling goes down ASAP!!


Now I can open my mouth just like before surgery, and I have recovered enough to eat everything.
But I’m still careful about ice or hard foods.
Because its my first time to do 
Korea face contouring surgery so it takes more time for the bones to heal.
I can eat every foods and it does not hurt, but I just want to prevent any side effects .. ^^
If you consider having face contour surgery, you should do it! Every day is like a dream.


I just recently went to take an image photos with my boyfriend.
Photos came out differently than before 
Korea face contouring surgery.
They said, I have a very pretty features, so there is nothing to edit it. It made my day!
I still left minor swelling around my chin areas.
I think it will be a perfect V line if its all gone. Haha
Facial contour surgery is safest, most effective , and highest patient satisfaction. I highly recommend to do it!!


I went to my grandmother’s house due to Lunar New Year’s Day. I haven’t seen my uncle and maternal uncle’s wife for several years, and they didn’t recognize me, and asked “Who is this?”. Every my relatives said, “Nobody cannot tell you that you’ve had a plastic surgery. It became so natural and pretty!“
I just want to say thank you to doctor who performed my operation to live a new life.


Looking at the old pictures, my hair style, my clothes style, etc. are so rustic that if feels like a long time ago.
I was surprised. Now I’m impressed by the fact that any hair style suits me and that any angle I take is pretty.
My boyfriend also said that my face is blessed because its small and slim. 

Outwardly, I said “Oh really? Thank you!”. However, the one I am really grateful for is my doctor, who’s been making me so beautifully. I promise to live a kind life. 


I think my Korea face contouring surgery went extremely well ~! ♥
You have to think a lot before you do surgery and choose the right hospital and make a pretty face! I am going to finish my real story here. Bye!!!! ♥

Name: Daegu Cutie
Age: 21
Surgery: Face Contour

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