[Q&A] Korea Face Contouring #4

5:26:00 PM

Korea Face Contouring surgery surely one of the most complicated surgery. Many people would think twice if they want to do it together with other type of plastic surgery.

So what kind of plastic surgery that can be the best collaboration with Korea face contouring?

First, if we talk about Korea face contouring surgery, some would worry about sagging skin after the surgery. These kind of patients usually choose to have lifting or face fat grafting together during the surgery.

But, actually many kind of plastic surgery like eye plastic surgery, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) or breast surgery can be done together. Of course it would need more time to do the surgery as well as the recovery if you do it all together. Also. it would need more skill from the plastic surgeons to do it, so it's recommended to choose plastic surgery hospital that provides those surgeries at once. 

Is it possible to do fat grafting together with Korea face contouring surgery? Yes. After Korea face contouring surgery, you might not swelling right away, but it will start swelling some time after the surgery. If the surgery is well planned, then it will be no problem if you do face grafting immediately after the surgery, 

Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/wtbshI6hen0

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