[Real Diary] Fix My Jutting Chin and Misaligned Teeth With Korea Two Jaw Surgery

5:31:00 PM


My biggest concerns are the jutting chin, square jaw, and misaligned teeth T.T
I had braces throughout my school years since 8 years old, but misaligned teeth were not improved much.
So I decided to get the two jaw surgery from Wonjin Plastic Surgery.
I really hope my concerns to be improved by Korea two jaw surgery!


I can’t wait to see the improvement after the recovery time passes. 

My mouth has to be closed, and it is uncomfortable.
I’m just patiently waiting thinking about me fully recovered soon.


My facial line got much smoother, and I like how I look^^
After surgery, people say I look much younger with the defined facial line.
And I also could get my tiring looking thick double eyelids from previous surgery from other hospital revised to look more natural


There’s no more square jaw line and jutting chin.
I tried this short hair cut for the first time in my life and I love it! 

Very satisfied HAHA
People do not recognize any swellings and even say my face looks much slimmer like I lost weight. GREAT^^!


I enjoy writing my real story to share. I also became to enjoy taking selfie and my daily life pictures.
I start everyday feeling fresh and happy by looking in the mirror


Time passed quickly enough to sometimes forget I had surgeries.
People see me looking younger than my age, so I act like the age people see me LOL
I realize that facial line and eye shape decide a person’s overall image, and I love my naturally beautiful facial line and eyes!


This summer is hotter than ever.
But still looking young and pretty and people keep telling me that
Most of them never know that I had surgeries until I say it. It’s because it looks so naturally gorgeous.
I am amazed by Wonjin Plastic Surgery’s job >.<


I’m very satisfied with the results and feeling happy when I take pictures of myself in daily life.
I must say thank you to Wonjin Plastic Surgery.
I became more confident and to enjoy every moments of my life^^*

Name: Babe
Age: 22
Surgery: Eye Plastic Surgery, Two Jaw Surgery

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