[Talk To WONJIN] Korea Eye Plastic Surgery Swelling Effect?

7:17:00 AM


Hello, I’m a student and I’m 19 years old. I want to do Korea eye plastic surgery but after the midterm test, I have to go on trip with my friend. It’s been a long time that I haven’t been on a trip so I want to be pretty. Will the swelling disappear at that time?


We have so many patients with this kind of situation. They have a plan to go on a trip but they also want to do plastic surgery, especially Korea eye plastic surgery. But they’re in dilemma if they should do it before or after the trip.

Most cases though, will allow you to wear make-up about 2 weeks after Korea eye plastic surgery. If you wear make-up already, it means the swelling on your eyes are absolutely disappeared.

So if you ask, which one comes first, surgery or trip, it’s definitely surgery! Especially, for teenager, they can recover faster than adult in common. So after the surgery, you will be able to wear make up and appear prettier in the photos you will take during the trip.

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