[Q&A] Korea Breast Surgery #2

1:22:00 PM

After you agreed to do Korea breast surgery, then one of the most important to be discussed is how big you want your breast to be. You can decide, but of course, the opinion of the plastic surgeon is also important. You can't decide it just like that.

This is why the medical examination is needed at the beginning of the consultation. To decide how big the breast implant can go inside, you have to consider your body condition as well. If the type of skin and muscle of your body can stretch, then big size of implant would be possible to be inserted.

Of course there will be some people who want to have extremely big size compared to their body figure. If your skin and muscle can stretch at some point, then it's possible to do even more than D cup through this Korea breast surgery. 

But if you're too skinny or your skin type is too tight, it can be uncomfortable for you if you had big size implant inserted. So at this point, the plastic surgeon would stop them and recommend them no to do it. 

Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/4In9ATnKDCA

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