[Q&A] Korea Breast Surgery #4

3:02:00 PM

Basically there are three incision sites possible to insert the breast implant: armpit, areola, and under breast (breast fold). And there are some factors to be considered to decide which incision sites to be used. 

For example, for people who work while revealing their armpits like model, etc, of course won't choose armpit incision right? Also there are people who won't ever do incision under breast. 

It's right to follow their decision if they're so determined or have their own reasons, but actually there are some people which get more advantages if they have Korea breast surgery through armpit incision, while the others might be better to get under breast (breast fold) incision. 

Usually the specialist would recommend the incision sites considering the condition of the patient as well as the safety or the result that will appear. Then what if the one that is recommended by the specialist is different with what patient wants?

Through a consultation with the specialist, patient can talk about their preferred incision site, and they can talk considering both option and find the way in between.

Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/hGUVPP7drWA

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