[Q&A] Korea Breast Surgery #3

2:45:00 PM

Not everyone can fits big sized of breast implant for Korea breast surgery. Also, because the body proportion pf each patients are different, even though two people have the same cc of breast implant, the result might be different. One may looks good with it but the other one might looks uncomfortable.

So what's the best way to know what size fits you the best? Consult and talk to your plastic surgeon after the medical examination would be recommended. At Wonjin Plastic Surgery, you can also try the implant first, so you have idea, how will your breast look like after the Korea breast surgery.

Same cc of implant can be inserted to a specific person resulting a natural B cup, but it might looks so full when it's inserted to other person. To decide this, we have to see of you're tall or short, have a broad shoulder or not, your breast is high or low, or whether you'll look protruded to the side or not with your new breast.

These factors are the reason why it can looks different even if the same breast  implant is inserted. You can't be just like "She looks good with this cc of implant, I want to have the same one." You have to consider your own body characteristic and consult it with the specialist first, before deciding the size of breast implant for Korea breast surgery.

Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/hjazXuIHCX4

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