[Talk to WONJIN] Korea Rhinoplasty: Does It Give Epicanthoplasty Effects?

12:30:00 AM


I'm considering to have both Korea rhinoplasty and Korea eye plastic surgery. AT first, I was thinking to have double eyelid surgery and epicanthoplasty, but when I asked my friends who had eye surgeries, they said that rhinoplasty gives epicanthoplasty effect. If that's true, then it's really a big advantages for me. Is it true?


This issue can carry misunderstanding. But, yes, you may observer an epicanthoplasty effect if the implant used for Korea rhinoplasty is a very high implant that stretches the skin. But in general, the two surgeries don't affect each other. 

Some people say that the distance between their eyes got closer after Korea rhinoplasty. This is because the two vertical lines are formed when the height of the nose bridge is elevated. 

People who are interested in Korea eye plastic surgery are probably aware of what we call by mongolian fold, which is a fold that covers the front corners of the eyes. Korea rhinoplasty doesn't remove these mongolian folds. Those who have very low nose may observe a slight effect of epicanthoplasty with slight bridge elevation, but doesn't mean the mongolian folds are removed.

So, Korea rhinoplasty and Korea eye plastic surgery, in this case, epicanthoplasty, need to be done separately. BUT. You can do it at once. It will have better outcomes when 1 surgeon performs everything at once, considering the ratings and shapes. 

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