[Real Diary] Bigger Eyes, Higher Nose BUT NATURAL at Wonjin Plastic Surgery

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Today is the 3rd day after surgery. I was really surprised because the pain was lighter than I thought.
My face is a little swollen but I feel the difference of the nose and eyes. I'm so impatient to wait until the day to remove stitches!! .
I am still trying to apply ice packs and walk gently so that my face is less swollen!


I went to hospital today to remove stitches inside of my nose and eyelid, also cast on my nose!!
I can finally see my nose shape today.
I was wondering how it will look like for past a week and I really like it!!
The doctor said there is swelling still and once it is gone it will look better.
The swelling on my eyes is gone a lot and doctor said the result really looks great.
I am so happy to hear that!!
Thank you Wonjin Plastic Surgery!


It is two weeks after my surgery, and I will have the stitches removed today.
The swelling on my face has completely disappeared, and I glad how my surgery turns out.
Especially my eyes become much bigger, and my nose gets higher but still look natural.
My family and friends gave me lots of compliment after the surgery and to Wonjin Plastic Surgery!!


It's been one month since I had plastic surgery.
I am pleased with my current appearance.
I felt as if I was a different person one month ago because the change is so significant especially my nose and eyes.
However they look natural so I'm happy.
Plus, I am more confident with my side view and my eyes no longer look sad like they used to!


Two months already, and I'm happy with my look now.
I love my eyes and nose. 
My eyes are much bigger, and my nose looks more natural.
I am much more confident with my current appearance.


It has been three months already.
I feel that my look improve every month.
Especially my eyes and nose, they look fascinating.
The changes are so significant, that even though I have my make up on, my friends still recognize it.
I'm so happy!!

Name: Nguyen
Age: 20
Surgery: Eye Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty

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