[Short Diary] Thanks To Korean Best Face Contouring I Can Barely Reveal My Face

4:37:00 PM

I have complex that my photos is so much better than my real face before I met Korean best face contouring. You guys must know that in Korea there is dating culture which is you can finding your partner through friends or even an dating apps.

When you are dating through dating apps, you're seeing the person that you haven't met before. You only look at the photos and when you have a crush for him/her, you chat him/her, then you both plan to meeting for real.

The problem is sometimes there are people that you meet in real and people in the photos are really different. It's me. I have confidence of taking photos but not in real meeting. People who I met often regret and confuse because in real i have less attractive appearance rather than in photos.

I have protruded cheek bones and rounded nose tip who force me to pay attention more for best angle when i'm taking some pictures. Then one of my friend has Korean best face contouring and the effects was make me amazed so i choose to do the same thing too.

I was so nervous when do my Korean best face contouring because it's my first time to do Korean plastic surgery! It's the same feeling when i was meeting with someone from dating apps! 

After the surgery, swollen in my face! It's normal when you've done Korean best face contouring. And fortunately the swollen is recovery so fast! My V-line face shape can be seen slow but sure. I'm so happy and never have this feeling before, that feeling when you want to keep looking at mirror!

Now I have more confidence when taking photos even for reveal my bare face. Also, I don't have to pay attention on shooting angles anymore. My friends also asked why is my face become smaller and prettier? Did I loss my weight? Such a question that make me happier!

Name: DP
Age: 28
Surgery: Face Contour, Rhinoplasty

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