[Q&A] Korea Breast Surgery #6

2:28:00 PM

It's not easy to decide to have Korea breast surgery as some might be concerned about the sense of their breast. When will it come back? Will it take long time until the sense of the breast to come back?

After the Korea breast surgery, hundreds even thousands skin dermis under the skin was damaged and need to be regenerated again. During these process, you might experience kind of stinging feeling while recovering after the surgery.

It's kind of electric feeling. But after this process, the sense and feeling will be back bit by bit.

How long it will take, is different for each person. Most of the cases will need about 2 to 3 months after Korea breast surgery. But some might need more time to get the sense of the breast to come back and until it's all fully recovered.

Same thing goes to the nipples. The senses that goes into the nipples are different with the one we get on the incision sites. In cases of sense losing in the nipples, it might need up to one year after the Korea breast surgery to get the sense back.

If the patients have small body but they insisted to insert big implant, the implant can press the nerves that would make the sense of the nipples come back later than usual. 

Again, it's hard to say when is the sense will completely back as each person has different type of body, also different condition. 

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