[Short Diary] My Friends Envy My Pretty And Natural Nose Line

2:40:00 PM

짱이뻐! - My Friends Envy My Pretty And Natural Nose Line

It's been a month after the surgery.
All the swellings are reduced.
I was worried that the fat will be reducing on the part I had fat grafting at though but it's good that only the swellings are gone so the volume of my face still looks good haha
I guess I took a lot of photos recently haha
I was stressed a lot because of my face before though.
And I also had nose surgery as they said that it will be better to get nose surgery together, and it was really a good decision to do both.
I even think why I did the nose surgery now haha
No words needed for the eyes, well it was awkward for the first two weeks but it's getting a lot of better now.
People around me saying that my nose line is pretty and natural, they envy me!
They also ask where did I had my surgery and I introduced Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea to them haha

짱이뻐! - My Friends Envy My Pretty And Natural Nose Line

Now I even heard that I'm pretty even without make-up ^^
There are some who can't recognized me too~
I 'm thinking what if I had the surgery at other hospital, I might not get this face right?
If any people are considering to do plastic surgery, better do it as soon as possible.
I also regret why I didn't do it beforehand haha

Last, I'd like to thank dr. Wonjin Park, you're the best!
Thank you so much!
To the consultant and nurses at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea, thank you very much!

Name: Ms. Kyoung
Surgery: Eye Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty

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