[Get to Know] Korean Eye Plastic Surgery - Eyelid Revision

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Even though Korean double eyelid surgery is categorized as one of the simplest Korean plastic surgery, doesn't mean that all people are satisfied with the result. Skilled surgeons just like what we have at eye plastic surgery specialized hospital, Wonjin Plastic Surgery, are surely needed for the surgery so people will get the best result. Then what if the result of double eyelid surgery is not satisfying? You can always do the revision surgery.

짱이뻐! - Korean Eye Plastic Surgery - Eyelid Revision

So, what kind of cases that need eye revision surgery
First, you have to wait until at least 6 months after your previous surgery when the tissues are healed after the first surgery and the swell are all gone. Because it's hard to judge the real eye shape, before 6 months. However, if the asymmetry is obvious, or the eyelid is uneven, revision surgery should be considered through accurate examination and diagnosis.

Eye revision surgery is not necessary for those with loosened double eyelids case or thick double eyelids though. If the eyelids are thick, fat should be removed and new lower double eyelid lines should be created without leaving visible scars. The double line correction is made with suitable methods according to the remaining skin amount so there is no need to worry.

짱이뻐! - Korean Eye Plastic Surgery - Eyelid Revision

If the case is about loosened double eyelids, then a new double eyelid lines are formed after reconstructing the eye shape and neatly removing the thread in existence. In this case, non-incision method is mostly possible and re-occurrence can be prevented if the revision is made according to the condition of the fats, muscle, and droopy skin. 

짱이뻐! - Korean Eye Plastic Surgery - Eyelid Revision

For case of uneven double eyelids, this case usually occurs when the double eyelid on one side of the eyes is released, or if the height of each double eyelid lines is different. Although everyone in common has slight asymmetry, correction is needed if it is too obvious. After an accurate diagnosis of the case, the eyes are corrected in balance according to the patient's preferences, such as the thickness of the double eyelids.

짱이뻐! - Korean Eye Plastic Surgery - Eyelid Revision

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