[Get to Know] Korean Face Contouring - Front Chin Surgery

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Korean best face contouring procedure which is very popular these days, called front chin surgery. A facial contouring surgery which will give you a slim V-line effect without a major surgery but fixing the front chin only. The shape of our front chin determines the overall look on face.

짱이뻐! - Korean Face Contouring - Front Chin Surgery

Look at the person above, her face may look big and angular if chin is wide and blunt but  the wide front chin is cut into a T-shape to form a slimmer and classy V-lined face. This Korean best face contouring procedure is safely done without any side effects if it's done by experienced surgeon. When the front chin is fractured, the muscles around will also be cut together. At this point, Wonjin accurately rearrange not only the bones but the muscles together to form a smooth and well padded front chin without any wrinkles. 

Another side effect which might appear is that nerves can become dull. It is a side effect which appears if the surgeon aggressively shave the facial bone and thus the nerves get damage. At one of Korean best face contouring surgery, Wonjin Plastic Surgery, our experienced surgeon will accurately identify the location of each nerves and blood vessels, preventing the side effect of numbness. There might be a numbing feeling immediately after the surgery bit surely will go away in 2 or 3 months. 

짱이뻐! - Korean Face Contouring - Front Chin Surgery

Wonjin front chin surgery forms a small and slim front chin within one hour and gain a full face contour effect. This is one of the reason why Korean celebrities are undergoing this Korean best face contouring surgery to gain a brighter and younger baby-face look with a simple and fast transformation.

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This procedure only takes 30 minutes to be done and the recovery period for this surgery is a lot shorter than the square jaw surgery. Daily activities are also possible to be done sooner than other Korean best face contouring surgery, in 3 to 5 days. The recovery is fast and swelling is highly reduced.

Advantages of Wonjin's Front Chin surgery:
- Full face contour effect is gain with just the front chin correction
- Time and cost is saved
- Can get back work on Monday if you get the surgery done on weekend
- Scars and swelling is almost none as the micro incision is made inside mouth
- Semi permanent effect is gained if implant is used

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