[Real Diary] The Bagel Girl & Her Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery

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짱이뻐! - The Bagel Girl & Her Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery

짱이뻐! - The Bagel Girl & Her Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery

My first diary entry!!
I’ve decided to get Korean two jaw surgery and Korean celebrities breast surgery. 
To start off, my breasts aren’t that small. However, with excessive diets my breasts have gotten much smaller. Maybe this is due to the yo-yo effect? Boohoo T.T 
I decided on texture round type implants and for the surgical method I chose endoscope through the armpit incision. 
I am confident about my surgery at the best breast surgery clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery, because at Wonjin there is an anesthesiologist in residence. 
Being a famous and large scale clinic with medical staff specialized for surgery, I have no worries about my surgery hehe. Although, I wanted to get both surgeries at once, I was advised it would be very tough on me and so I decided to get two jaw surgery on May 27th~ 

As you can see my breasts are quite small…
After losing weight, my small breasts became my complex. As a woman, I am very concerned with my appearance and body shape~
My flat and boring breasts..I am so embarrassed I can’t even wear a bikini and I avoid going to saunas. 
After my breasts shrank I started wearing boxy clothing and I looked with envy at women who wore tight dresses and showed off their hourglass figures. 
I no longer want to be ashamed of my body and that’s why I decided to get breast augmentation! 

I really want to be like those big busted women who can pull off wearing a no wire bikini! A top with no wires! I will do it after surgery.. 
Regarding my face, I am concerned with my wide cheekbones and protruding lips. T.T 
People often say to me, “you look great but your jaw…“ 
As if that wasn’t enough I get even more stress when people say I look goofy due to my protruding lips. T.T
That’s why I am finally getting surgery. 

I think I look fine when I keep my lips tightly closed but.. 
when I went to get a checkup at the clinic I found out my upper jaw stuck out a lot. 
The doctor told me I was pretty but he mentioned my teeth and gums were unbalanced and that my jaw could use some work.
Basically, my protruding jaw made the lower half of my face look more cramped. That’s why he recommended to correct my chin a bit.
Anyways, he mentioned a lot of technical things that I don’t remember everything but I am eagerly looking forward to my surgery date. 

I take pictures covering part of my head by wearing a hoodie because I am not confident in my appearance.
After surgery, I will be able to confidently take pictures, right!

짱이뻐! - The Bagel Girl & Her Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery

짱이뻐! - The Bagel Girl & Her Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery

I have arrived for my surgery~ The place seems magical somewhat~
The nurse instructed me on where to store my belongings, I changed into my gown, and they took more pictures and checked the condition of  my breasts. 
The staff at Wonjin sure take care of their patients very carefully and with detail..

Finally!! My surgery was delayed for about an hour and the anticipation made me feel even more nervous but now my time has come..
In the operating room, the doctor checked my breasts again and thoroughly explained to me about the design and implant size that will be used. 
Lying on the operating table, it was both a new and scary experience. 
I think I was more nervous because this was my first time to receive general anesthesia.~

I’m really going to go through this~ The nurse told me “your arm will sting a little” and then I fell asleep. When I had awoken, 7 hours had passed. I woke up with an oxygen mask on me and my whole body was covered in bandages. 

The only thoughts going through my head were ‘it hurts..it hurts so much..ouchie, people feel this much pain after surgery? I didn’t expect it to hurt this much, and only people who have gone through surgery will know this feeling..” 
After a few hours of sleeping and waking up due to the pain in my breasts, I asked them to administer painkillers but they told me they just administered it to me..I told them I didn’t care and wanted the strongest painkiller they had. Well, they gave me what I wanted but I didn’t expect the burning and searing pain in my buttocks due to the super painkiller they administered in my butt. (It felt like hell) 

Yow!..I let out a shriek, it hurt so much but now I didn’t even have the strength to sit up. 
I think the people who opt for smooth implants are very brave. Surgery itself hurts but on top of that they have to massage themselves…
This surgery is definitely something I don’t want to go do twice! I hope there are no side effects!!
Before I got discharged around 9:30pm, the nurses explained to me about how to measure the hemo vac and use the painkillers but to be honest I was in so much pain I didn’t understand everything clearly.. T.T 
Thankfully, my mom was with me the whole time and she took care of me. ^^;. A guardian is definitely required for major surgeries. 
I was told I had to go to the restroom before being discharged and so I dragged my feet over and did what I had to do..is what I originally planned but I was so weak I had to ask the nurse to help lower my pants..(I was so embarrassed!) 
She even had to raise them up again.. Thank you so much for the hard work Ms. Nurse T.T 

I look pretty awful right? I even have a busted lip T.T 

I will be getting two jaw surgery next month but I’m already nervous. After going through breast augmentation, I am worried about the pain after two jaw surgery. 
For anyone planning on getting plastic surgery, you should do so with a resolute heart. 
I highly recommend being accompanied by a guardian..I dressed in comfortable clothes (hoodie and sweatpants) but it was still difficult getting around after surgery. I am amazed at those people who say they experience little to no pain after surgery;; 

짱이뻐! - The Bagel Girl & Her Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery

짱이뻐! - The Bagel Girl & Her Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery

It’s still really painful after surgery. Even when I sit on 3 cushions for support, my butt hurts and my breasts feel like they are throbbing.
The pain I feel when getting up after laying down is the worst. It’s so hard to move around by myself T.T 

After being discharged yesterday at 2:20pm, the nurse packed pumpkin extract, surgery precautions, nude bra (a bra that covers the nipples) into my shopping bag. 

Soon I will visit the hospital for the 1st time after surgery, and I will get my hemo vac removed. 

짱이뻐! - The Bagel Girl & Her Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery

짱이뻐! - The Bagel Girl & Her Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery

It’s finally been 7 days after my surgery. Today is my first postoperative visit. 
I went for my follow up check up but due to me making a reservation time late I couldn’t see the doctor who operated on me T.T, but another breast specialized surgeon met with me. 

When I told the doctor about the pain under my breasts he told me it was because there were more incisions made down there. 
He told me it would improve over time ^^.

He continued by telling me my breasts look similar and appears to be healing well (besides the tingling/stinging sensation) and I am to wear the compressive bra for one more week. 
It was kinda scary when the doctor uses an endoscope to check things out through the armpit incision, but it didn’t hurt at all. Even though it was a bit embarrassing in the treatment room, the nurse kindly spoke to me throughout the whole process making me feel at ease. ^^
I won’t be late next time T.T! 

The compressive bra I was given was a bit raggedy and so I asked for another one. 
I guess it makes sense because a lot of other patients have probably used it T.T can’t be helped I guess! 
I feel some contracture in my breasts but it’s not my implants, it’s the breast tissue surrounding the implant getting thicker. However, if this condition gets too serious I would have to get surgery through my areola to remove this tissue..I definitely don’t want that! Just thinking about surgery gives me the shivers T.T 

I was told I can start taking showers now! 
Finally I can start scrubbing all the right areas, but I need to be careful around my armpits and breasts ^^ 

Since texture implants don’t require massage, I received high frequency treatment at Wonjin skincare clinic conveniently located in the next building.^^ They even gave me a coupon for 2 free breast surgery post op cares. I immediately booked a reservation for next week. Right after my check up next week, I will go get cared for. 

I felt really good on my way home after being pampered at Wonjin. The staff and services are definitely worthy of a top-notch hospital! I also felt relieved and much lighter after hearing that I was healing well. (and I feel technically lighter due to the removal of the compressive bandages, hemo vac, and stitches!) 
I can move my arms more freely now too. 

After my checkup, I got hungry and decided to eat some grilled meat~ Eating meat makes me the most happy hehe

Even with just my compressive bra on, you can definitely see the outline of my breasts right?
As you can see from my expression I am so happy after my boob job.
Now I can raise my arms this much! ^^
Looking at these selfies reminds me again about my protruding lips T.T 
I’m going to try and not be so stressed out haha. 
Have a great day everyone ^^*

짱이뻐! - The Bagel Girl & Her Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery

짱이뻐! - The Bagel Girl & Her Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery

Hello, today is my third treatment at the hospital.
I’ve been eating and exercising a lot, and it feels like I’m healing pretty quickly.

I can now move both my arms freely, and my senses are finally back.
It is refreshing to stretch my arms these days so I work out my arms a lot. 

I stretch every morning ~ my breasts are coming together very nicely and after the upper swelling went down, they look like tear drops.
Very satisfying hehe I know that tear drops are popular these days but I like and wanted the round type more. 
It came out better than I had expected.
I made a comparison and it looks like the swelling is almost gone. The upper bulge disappeared!!
Before visiting the hospital, I can’t wear a wired bra yet, but to write the diary, I tried on my underwear that I had before the surgery..
After the swelling went down, I felt my breasts weren’t as large as I had hoped, but OMG~~
my bra didn’t fit and my breasts kept trying to escape>////< Woah, I felt that they were big for reals~~

I bought this to wear before the surgery, but had kept it hidden somewhere because it didn’t look so good because of my small breasts~
I am finally wearing it^^;
They’re so voluptuous and I’m not even wearing a bra hehehe
I’m not happy just because my figure is prettier, but because I gained confidence as a woman.

Before the surgery when I didn’t have big breasts, I had this shirt. I got to wear it again after the surgery. .
My figure is amazing even if I toss anything on ^^;; I’m bra-less but they’re very voluminous T.T no padding necessary^^

짱이뻐! - The Bagel Girl & Her Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery

짱이뻐! - The Bagel Girl & Her Korean Celebrities Breast Surgery

Hey everybody, it’s bagel girl’s greetings, 2 months after breast surgery
This is my favorite picture of a model~

The summer is the season of exposure ~~
Before, I only considered wearing a low cut when I stuffed my breasts with padding.
But now, I can buy anything I want that looks pretty without worrying harharhar.
I also bought tons of bikinis and I’ll be showing off 2 sets today. 
I’m thinking of exchanging them, but what do ya’ll think? 

I want to hurry up, wear my bikini, and go some place nice ~~
I’d like to schedule to go to the pool with my friends soon~

When I visited the hospital after 2 months, the doctor said my breasts came together nicely and that they turned out very well
He said I was his top 2-3 out of 10 people he did surgery on and complimented me.
I was fretting about my size but instantly felt better after hearing him say that ^^;;
After coming back home, I guess they look alright, and I was just being greedy teehee

I had lost my bra that covers just the nipples, and so I was wearing my sports bra with a tank top, but it looks very glamorous doesn’t it? ~
I couldn’t even imagine this volume before..
I didn’t even pull my breasts together

The scar on my armpit is still red so I can’t go outside just wearing this?
I wish this would disappear soon!
I can now raise my arms upwards. 

The shirt doesn’t have to be tight, and even for loose clothing, the fit is amazing,,,,
Unfortunately I lost my phone in the middle so my pictures are all gone..
So please understand if there aren’t a lot of pictures.
I’ll make sure to upload much more pictures next time ~~
Thank you!!

Name: Bagel Girl
Age: 21
Surgery: Breast Surgery, Two Jaw Surgery

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